Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rap Treats #12: Original, Rare and Unreleased 2

Boogie Down Productions (1985)

This is some pre Criminal Minded BDP. Pretty much a don't smoke crack PSA. The sound is very mid 80's and you can tell that they hadn't found that boom bap yet.

Big Daddy Kane feat. Kool G. Rap (1987)

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. The Kool Genius of Rap goes in on this one and destroys the beat. I heard that G. Rap went off because Kane had a girl in the studio and he wanted to show him up. Kane and G. Rap had a friendly rivalry, they were homies but always wanted to one up each other. This is one of those times.

Simply II Positive MC's aka Organized Konfusion (1989)

This is from the tape that got OK signed to Hollywood Basics, but for some reason it took another two years for them to release any music on the label. This joint was produced by Paul C who was murdered the same year.

Spectrum City aka Public Enemy (1984)
"Check Out The Radio"

This was an actual 12inch release on Vanguard Records. Before they were Public Enemy, Chuck D and the Shocklee brothers were a DJ crew called Spe

2Pac & Snoop

Not sure the year this was recorded but it was def during the Death Row years. I'm feeling Pac's usage of KRS' at the beginning of the song. According to Pac this is all freestyle.