Sunday, October 19, 2008

Records: A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory 12"s

More Tribe! This time around it's all the 12 inches from the Low End Theory album, which is easily one of my top 5 albums ever. This shit is just classic - artwork, music, everything. The "Jazz" single is actually the CD single and not the 12" because the CD single also had the radio edits of the LP version and the Re-Recording (aka remix). And as bonus bonus, some more classic Tribe footage courtesy MeaningOfDope at the bottom of the post. "Ya on point Phife? All the time Tip."

A Tribe Called Quest

A1 "Check The Rhime" (LP Version)
A2 "Check The Rhime" (Mr. Muhammad's Mix)
A3 "Check The Rhime" (Skeff's Mix)
B1 "Check The Rhime" (Instrumental)
B2 "Skypager"

Produced By A Tribe Called Quest
A3 Remix By Skeff Anselm

A Tribe Called Quest

1. "Jazz (We've Got)" (LP Radio Version)
2. "Jazz (We've Got)" (Re-Recording Radio)
3. "Buggin' Out"
4. "Jazz (We've Got)" (LP Version)
5. "Jazz (We've Got)" (Re-Recording)
6. "Jazz (We've Got)" (Re-Recording Instrumental)

Produced By A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders Of The New School

A1 "Scenario" (MC's Mix) feat. Kid Hood
A2 "Scenario" (Young Nation Mix)
A3 "Scenario" (12" Instrumental Remix)
A4 "Scenario" (Young Nation Instrumental)
B1 "Scenario" (Remix) feat. Kid Hood
B2 "Scenario" (LP Mix)
B3 "Scenario" (Remix Instrumental)
B4 "Scenario" (LP Instrumental)

Produced By A Tribe Called Quest
A1 & A2 Remixes by Jnr. Nelson

A Tribe Called Quest performing "Check The Rhime" on In Living Color back in the day.