Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Records: Dead Prez - "Hip-Hop" 12"

Uh, who shot Biggie Smalls?
If we dont get them, they gonna get us all,
Im down for runnin up on them crackers in they city hall,
We ride for yall, all my dogs stay real,
Ni**a dont think these record deals gonna feed your seeds
And pay your bills because they not,
Mcs get a little bit of love and think they hot,
Talkin bout how much money they got, all yall records sound the same
I sick of that fake thug, r&b, rap scenario all day on the radio,
Same scenes in the video,
monotonous material,
yall dont here me though! - Stic.Man

Dead Prez
(Loud Records)

A1 "Hip-Hop" (Real Version)
A2 "Hip-Hop" (Instrumental)
B1 "Hip-Hop" (Censored Version)
B2 "Hip-Hop" (Acapella)

Produced by Dead Prez