Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Records: The Pharcyde b/w Masta Ace Incorporated - Summa Madness '93 Remixes 12"

I always loved this 12" and at the time The Pharcyde and Masta Ace were on top of the rap world. Plus Delicious Vinyl was a cool ass record label long before it was the thing for record labels to be cool. This 12" was released as a promo only and it took me a while to hunt down a copy (big up my man Degree One for the hook up!). The L.A. Jay remix of Masta Ace's "Saturday Night Live" is the shit.

The Pharcyde b/w Masta Ace Incorporated
(Delicious Vinyl Records)

A1 "Passin' Me By" (Fly As Pie Mix)
A2 "Passin' Me By" (Fly As Pie Mix Instrumental)
B1 "Saturday Nite Live" (Horny Mix)
B2 "Saturday Nite Live" (Horny Beats)
B3 "Saturday Nite Live" (L.A. Jay Remix)
B4 "Saturday Nite Live" (L.A. Jay Beats)

Side A Remixed by J Swift, Co-Produced by The Pharcyde
Side B Tracks 1 & 2 Remixed by The Bluez Brothers & Masta Ace
Side B Tracks 3 & 4 Remixed by L.A. Jay