Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rap Treats #60: Jaylib Live In Los Angeles (2004)

Thanks to StonesThrow for this one. This is a live recording of Jaylib performing in LA back in 2004. I'm throwing this up as a Rap Treat because it's exactly that - a fucking rap treat. I'll let the fine folks at StonesThrow break it down for you.

"This was recorded at the Henry Fonda Theater, April 4, 2004, on the first night of the Madvillain/Jaylib tour for Madvillainy. Madlib & J. Rocc had performed Jaylib songs live, but this was the first show with J. Dilla, who had just moved to Los Angeles and joined the tour without being announced on the flyers. Another unannounced guest late into the set was Common. The voices you hear are B+ & Melo-D, who recorded this set."