Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rap Treats #68: Marley Marl's In Control + BDK WBLS Promo

This is a Rap Treat for two reasons. The first is the news that Hot Chillin' is releasing a DVD full of footage from Marley Marl's legendary In Control Mixshow on WBLS (the radio show he named his In Control Juice Crew compilations after). In the late 80's there was no Hot 97's or Power 106's where Hip-Hop was on the radio all day so shows like In Control were one of the few places you could here all the newest and freshest shit. If you aren't familiar I included a show from 1989 featuring Pete Rock on the tables. The second reason this is a Rap Treat is the promo that Big Daddy Kane did for Marley Marl and WBLS back in '88. It's been floating around Blogland for a while but for some reason I just heard it and wanted to add it to the archives. This one is strictly for my old school Hip-Hop heads.

Marley Marl In Control w/ DJ Pete Rock

Big Daddy Kane