Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rap Treats #69: Dr. Dre - Mix Tapes (1985-1989)

Here are a bunch of Rap Treats from the motherfuckin' Dr. Dre. They are the mix tapes that Dre did from 1985 to 1989 including the 5 tapes he did for the Rodium Swap Meet. We actually posted a few of these before, but I figured all the tapes on one post makes more sense. These tapes are dope. Every song on them is big and Dre went off on the mix. It sounds like he used an 8 track because most of these, especially the Rodium tapes, are the definition of a megamix. On top of that, Dre also jumps on the mic and gets Eazy-E and Ice Cube to rock some intros. The crazy thing to me is that Dre's career was in full effect when he was making these (first with the World Class Wrecking Crew and then with N.W.A.). It's dope to me that Dre still has the itch to put out mix tapes when N.W.A. was changing the rap game and getting the feds excited. Remember, these are Mix Tapes. Which means they were recorded off cassette tapes so embrace the hiss and take them for what they are - a slice of history.

Dr. Dre - Swap Meet Mix (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 1)

Dr. Dre - Criminal (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 2)

Dr. Dre - Dope Beat (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 3)

Dr. Dre - U Got Ganked (1988)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 4)

Dr. Dre & Tony-A "The Wizard" - Jam (Jack Move) (1989)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 5)

Dr. Dre - '85 Live! (1985)

Dr. Dre - '86 In The Mix! (1986)

Dr. Dre - Goin' Off (1987)

Dr. Dre - Panic Zone (1987)

Dr. Dre - In Effect (1988)

Dr. Dre & Tony-A "The Wizard" - '88 Boom n Bass (1988)