Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Demos: Cypress Hill Demo Tape (1989)

I'm a sucker for demo tapes. Something about hearing the actual recordings that lead to record deals is just dope to me. This one has been floating around for a while but I wanted to add it to the archives so here it is... the Cypress Hill demo tape that lead to their deal with Ruffhouse. This was recorded in 1989, a couple years before they dropped their first single in 1991. All these tracks sound like exactly what they are - original versions of records that ended up on their debut album. The only song I hadn't heard was "Caliente" which obviously didn't make the cut. Large up TROY for being a dope blog with shit (like this) that I feel the need to jack.

Cypress Hill

1. The Phunckee Feel One
2. Caliente
3. Real Estate
4. Light Another
5. Psycobetabuckdown
6. The Phuncky Feel One (Unpolished)