Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rap Treats #81: Jay-Z & The ROC @ The Tunnel (Audio)

The Roc is in the building... and that building is the infamous Tunnel Nightclub in NYC. This is a recording of the video we put up a while back of Jay, Beans, Memph Bleek and Amil tearing down the club. Click HERE to check out the video. This was right around the time Hov started to become THAT dude

Jay-Z & The Roc

1. Pain In The Ass Intro
2. Jay Z - Its Hot
3. Jay Z - Jigga My Nigga
4. Jay Z - So Ghetto
5. Jay Z feat. Amil - Can I Get A...
6. Jay Z - Money Aint A Thang
7. Jay Z feat. Memphis Bleek - Its Alright
8. Memphis Bleek feat. Jay Z - What You Think Of That
9. Memphis Bleek - Memphis Bleek Is...
10. Beanie Sigel - What A Thug About
11. Beanie Sigel - 45 Freestyle
12. Jay Z - Who U Wit
13. Jay Z - Aint No Nigga
14. Jay Z - Imaginary Player
15. Jay Z feat. Amil - Jigga What, Jigga Who
16. Jay Z feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel - Money, Cash, Hoes
17. Jay Z feat. Beanie Sigel - Put Your Hands Up (Do It Again)