Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Records: Nas - Illmatic 12"s

Nasty Nas is the illest. For real. Illmatic is easily in my top 5 albums of all time. Every 12" off Illmatic is classic as fuck. On top of that, even the records that weren't released as a single are classic as fuck. I'm not sure there is a more perfect album in Hip-Hop music than Nas' debut. Here are all the 12"s off Illmatic, including the Japan only release of all the DJ Premier produced records that came out in 2008.

(Ruffhouse/Columbia Records)

A1 "Halftime" (Radio Edit)
A2 "Halftime" (LP Version)
A3 "Halftime" (LP Version Instrumental)
B1 "Halftime" (Butcher Remix)
B2 "Halftime" (Butcher Instrumental)

Produced by Large Professor
Remix produced by Joe "The Butcher" Nicola

(Columbia Records)

A1 "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Main Mix)
B1 "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Instrumental)
B2 "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (A Cappella)

Produced by Large Professor

(Columbia Records)

A1 "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Remix)
B1 "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Remix Instrumental)

Remix produced by Large Professor

Nas feat. AZ
(Columbia Records)

A1 "Life's A Bitch" (Radio)
A2 "Life's A Bitch" (Dirty)
A3 "Life's A Bitch" (Instrumental)
B1 "Life's A Bitch" (Arsenal Radio Mix)
B2 "Life's A Bitch" (Arsenal Dirty Mix)
B3 "Life's A Bitch" (Arsenal Instrumental Mix)

Produced by L.E.S.
Remix produced by Def Jef & Meach Wells

(Columbia Records)

A1 "One Love" (Album Version)
A2 "One Love" (Radio Edit)
A3 "One Love" (Album Instrumental)
A4 "One Love" (Acappella)
B1 "One Love" (LG Main Mix)
B2 "One Love" (LG Radio Edit)
B3 "One Love" (LG Instrumental)
B4 "One Love" (One L Main Mix)
B5 "One Love" (One L Radio Edit)
B6 "One Love" (One L Instrumental)

Produced by Q-Tip
B1, B2, B3 remix produced by The LG Experience
B4, B5, B6 remix produced by Godfather Don & Victor Padilla

(Columbia Records)

A1 "The World Is Yours"
A2 "The World Is Yours" (Instrumental)
B1 "The World Is Yours" (Tip Mix)
B2 "The World Is Yours" (Tip Mix Instrumental)

Produced by Pete Rock
Remix produced by Q-Tip

(Ill Will Records)

A1 "Memory Lane"
A2 "Memory Lane" (Instrumental)
B1 "N.Y. State Of Mind"
B2 "Represent"

Produced by DJ Premier