Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rap Treats #90: Nas - Columbia Records Illmatic Release Party Performance (1994)

"Y'all ready for Nas? Y'all ready for Nasty Nas?!"

This is quite the Rap Treat - a recording of Nas performing at his Columbia Records' Illmatic album release party from 1994. Gems like this don't surface every day. Whoever is responsable for pressing record on the tape deck and then ripping it 15+ years later I salute you. This is one of my favorite albums of all time and one of the albums to receive 5 mics from The Source back when The Source was THE authority on Hip-Hop (click HERE to read the review). Having the audio of Nas' performance is just crazy to me and another reason the internet is the fucking shit. Nas and crew run through a few cuts from the album including "Represent" (with a different beat) and his "new single" "It Ain't Hard To Tell". It also features a lot of yelling from his his crew, AZ on "Life's a Bitch", and the "Y'all ready for Nasty Nas" sound bite that is used on Nas' "Nasty" record.

*Re-Upped with a much better sounding copy + the extended version featuring Funkmaster Flex's set before and after Nas' performance. Queensbridge is most definitely in the house!


1. "Represent"
2. "It Ain't Hard To Tell"
3. "The World Is Yours"
4. "Life's A Bitch"

Funkmaster Flex w/ Luvbug Starski & Nas