Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rap Treat #103: Big Daddy Kane b/w Ultramagnetic MCs (Rare)

Once again the wonderful world of the inter web comes through with something for the Rap Nerds that was unexpected, but most appreciated. I'm not sure who is responsible for this (and neither are the folks at TROY where I jacked it from), but somebody needs to high five that MF. A while back, a couple of unreleased 80's Ultra acetates popped up on ebay which saw one of them go for $3000 f'n dollars! That song was "Simple Metaphore" and it has now popped up on bootleg wax that was limited to 100 copies. Added to the bootleg is a couple of Kane songs - one from '91 - that have been floating around the net (but these are the tag less/no annoying DJ yelling all over it versions) and the other Ultra acetate. Again, whoever got their hands on one of those acetates and pressed this up deserve a rap blog gold metal. Same with the dude over at TROY who got his hands on one of the 100 copies and ripped it to mp3 for the rest of us. Salute!

Big Daddy Kane b/w Ultramagnetic MCs

A1. Big Daddy Kanye "Sing My Song"
A2. Big Daddy Kanye "Give A Demonstration"
B1. Ultramagnetic MCs "Simple Metaphore"
B2. Ultramagnetic MCs "Ain't It Good To You" remix