Friday, October 25, 2013

World Supreme Hip Hop - The Freshco & Miz Story (Documentary)

What happens when a dope South West Philly DJ hooks up with a raw Brooklyn MC? Freshco and Miz, that's what. Shortly after the duo won the 1989 New Music Seminar MC and DJ categories, they paired up to release the classic Tommy Boy Records 12" "We Don't Play," bw/ Ain't You Freshco" and "Now You Know." The highly talented pair seemed poised for stardom, but soon disappeared from the rap game. Produced in 2010, this documentary tells the story of how Freshco and Miz hooked and shook the hip-hop landscape, if only for a short period. The film includes footage of the famous NMS routines that clinched the two victory and features cameos by MC Serch, MC Lyte, Leaders of the New School, Dres from Black Sheep, Video Music Box's Ralph McDaniels, Guru (RIP), DJ Red Alert, and many more. So never mind what's on Netflix tonight, check out this documentary and be taken back to a time when skills paid the bills, or at least netted you a sweet championship belt.