Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rap Treats #91: Nas - SXSW Illmatic Concert (Full Performance)

Usually this would fall under the Classic Material category, but it may just be the illest Rap Treat on Nation Of Millions. At SXSW this year Nas performed Illmatic in it's entirety complete with DJ's Premier and Pete Rock on the tables and AZ to rock his verse on "Life's A Bitch". Not sure why the powers that be didn't hook up one video with the whole show, but these videos should do the trick. This isn't the show in its entirety, but it is all of Illmatic. Primo and Pete Rock took time out in the middle of the show to battle - Primo beat versus Pete Rock beat! Also, Nas rocked his verse from Main Source's "Live At The BBQ" during his set, as well as a few of his hits ending with "Made You Look" (which I included at the bottom). How do I know all this? Because I was there - geeked as a motherfucker. Easily in my top 5 concerts that I've been too. Watch all these videos asap. Nas rocks well, it ain't hard to tell!

Bonus Illmatic - Here is a 45 Minute set from Funk Flex and Lovebug Starski from The Tunnel that includes the Nas' Illmatic release party (previous Rap Treat).

Funk Flex & Lovebug Starski
Live at The Tunnel/Nas Illmatic Release Party (1994)