Monday, March 26, 2012

Records: Audio Two - What More Can I Say 12"s

"Top Billin'" is easily one of my favorite jams of all time (even though there are about 50 songs I say that about) and it's just one of those records that every Hip-Hop head knows word for word. The only other record I can think of that gets crowd participation like the video below is probably "La-Di-Da-Di". Who needs a hype man when you have a record like this in your catalogue? Anyways, after seeing the video it made me go back and listen to my Audio Two records which made me throw this post up - all the Audio Two 12"s from their first album What More Can I Say? (minus "I Don't Care" - if you got it please send!)

Audio Two/The Alliance

Flip-Flop Mini Album

(First Priority)

A1 Audio Two - "I Like Cherries"

A2 Audio Two - "Chillin"

A3 Audio Two - "The Freshest Slowest Jam"

B1 The Alliance - "Where's The Fellas"

B2 The Alliance - "We Got The Beat Part II (Rough, Rough)"

B3 The Alliance - "Why Oh Girl"

Side A produced by Nat Robinson and Kirk Robinson

Side B produced by Eric Cole and Freddie Byrd

Audio Two

"Make It Funky" b/w "Top Billin'" 12"

(First Priority)

A1 "Make It Funky"

B1 "Make It Funky"

B2 "Top Billin'"

Produced by Audio Two and Daddy-O

Audio Two

"Top Billin'" Remixes 12"

(First Priority)

A1 "Top Billin'" (More Bass)

A2 "Top Billin'" (Teddy Ted Mix) (No Half Steppin')

A3 "Top Billin'" (808 Style)

B1 "Top Billin'" (Original)

B2 "Top Billin'" (Acapella)

B3 "The Freshest Slowest Jam"

Produced by Audio Two and Daddy-O

Audio Two

"Hickeys Around My Neck" 12"

(First Priority)

A1 "Hickeys Around My Neck" (LP Version)

A2 "Hickeys Around My Neck" (Soul Shock Mix)

A3 "Hickeys Around My Neck" (Uptown Mix)

B1 "Hickeys Around My Neck" (Audio Two Mix)

B2 "Hickeys Around My Neck" (El Bravador Mix)

B3 "Milk Does The Body Good"

Produced by Audio Two

Audio Two

"Many Styles" 12"

(First Priority)

A1 "Many Styles" (LP Version)

A2 "The Questions" (Remix)

B1 "Many Styles" (Street Dub)

B2 "The Questions" (Audio Two Dub)

Produced by Audio Two

Audio Two

"Top Billin'" (Clark Kent Remix) 12"

(First Priority)

A1 "Top Billin'" (Clark Kent Super Mix)

A2 "Top Billin'" (Clark Kent Super Mix)

B1 "Top Billin'"

Produced by Audio Two and Daddy-O

BONUS Audio Two:

Milk Dee performing "Top Billin'" at the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary bash.