Monday, April 16, 2012

Demos: Nasty Nas Demo Tape (1991)

There is a set of early Nas recordings floating around called the "Pre-Illmatic Demos" that has most assuming it is Nas' demo tape, but according to MC Search this isn't true. Search claims that there were only 2 songs on the Nas demo that blew him away 20 years ago resulting in him signing Nas to Columbia. Those 2 songs are "Nas Will Prevail" and "I'm A Villain" and both songs are produced by Large Professor. "Nas Will Prevail" is an early version of what would become "It Ain't Hard To Tell". The track still features the MJ "Human Nature" sample, but the majority of the lyrics are different. The other song on Nas' demo tape is "I'm A Villain". The story on the beat is that LP made it for Eric B & Rakim during the making of Don't Sweat The Technique, but Ra didn't show up to the recording session. Large Pro slid the beat to Nas and "I'm A Villian" was the result. This track is the gem of the demo to me only because it's ill to hear Nas on a beat that sounds like 1991 all day. On top of that, Nas had to be 17 or 18 at the time but sounded years beyond his age. Like most demo tapes the sound is average at best, but both these tracks are DJ drop/ID free. Ladies and gentleman, b-boys and b-girls, I give you Nasty Nas' Demo Tape!

Nasty Nas

1. "Nas Will Prevail"
2. "I'm A Villian"