Saturday, April 21, 2012

Demos: Mobb Deep Infamous Demo Tape (1994)

This has been out for a little bit but some how I just stumbled on it. The Infamous is one of those albums that is beyond classic. It took the Rap world by storm in a year that many call the greatest years in Hip-Hop (it's a toss up between '88 and '94 in my mind). The song on this demo tape I've been looking for is "Paddyshop". This is the song that supoosedly got Mobb Deep their deal with Loud Records.

Mobb Deep

1. Keepin’ It Real (Demo)
3. Right Back At You (Demo)
4. Q.U. Hectic (Demo)
5. Shook Ones Pt. 0 (Demo)
6. Temperature’s Rising (Demo)
7. It’s Alright With Me (Demo)
8. Lifestyles Of The Infamous (Demo)
9. Trife Life (Demo)