Saturday, June 2, 2012

Demos: Artifacts Demo Tape (1993)

Another demo tape from the archives. This one isn't hard to get your hands on, in fact it has been floating around blogland for some time now but since I'm on a quest to post every rap demo in existence it is time for this one to go up.

The Source's Unsigned Hype alumni first started buzzing in 1993. Fresh off their appearance on the Nubian Crackers record "Do You Wanna Hear It", Artifacts dropped their debut album Between A Rock and a Hard Place the following year. This is the demo tape that got them that deal. Everything on this tape are original versions of songs that made the album. The only record on this tape that didn't make the cut is the Lord Jamar produced "Check Da Fine Print" that features Brand Nubian. He also produced the original version of "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" which features a different beat (a James Brown loop), a different flow (same lyrics though), and Jamar on the hook (saying the same shit). As usual, the sound quality isn't the best but it is "Demo Tape Hi-Fi" which means it's about as good as music ripped off a cassette tape from the early '90's is going to get.


1. "Attack Of New Jerusalem"
2. "Check Da Fine Print" feat. Brand Nubian
3. "Flexi Wit Da Technique"
4. "Wrong Side Of The Tracks"