Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rap Treats #101: Slick Rick "Behind Bars" (Prince Paul Unreleased Original Version) + News Reports ('94 & '95)

Slick Rick is my hero. Seriously one of the artists who solidified my love of Hip-Hop. From his records with Doug E Fresh ("The Show" & "La-Di-Da-Di") to his ultra classic solo debut The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick it was clear that MC Ricky D was a cut above the rest when it came to story telling rap. Fuck it, when it came to rapping in general. When he caught the charges that landed him in jail I felt that shit. Everything that he recorded since couldn't compare to his original body of work. The free Slick Rick music was exactly what Rick wanted to put out, while the "Free Slick Rick" music was mostly the record labels versions of rushed music he recorded before he went to jail. "Behind Bars" was one of those songs. The world got the Warren G version of the record which was cool, but it has Def Jam's fingerprints all over it. This is the original version that Slick Rick and Prince Paul recorded that until recently could only be found in a pile of old reels that Paul had locked away. Big up Prince Paul for liberating the original version of "Behind Bars" (as well as a bunch of other treats from the early '90s that you can check HERE). To keep the whole Behind Bars theme going, above is a news piece that aired in 1994 about Rick's incarceration, and below similar piece that aired in '95. 
Long live The Ruler, you CRUMBS!!!

Slick Rick

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