Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rap Treats #20: DJ Quik "The Red Tape" (1987)

DJ Quik is a legend in these parts (these parts being Nation Of Millions). He's made classic albums and produced classic songs, but somehow DJ Quik is still underrated. Dr. Dre had his crew (N.W.A.), Ice-T had his crew (Rhyme Syndicate), Cypress Hill had their crew (Soul Assassins), and DJ Quik had his crew. AMG, 2nd II None and Hi-C were the dudes who Quik came up with and eventually put on. They are also the MC's who Quik started out with making underground tapes in the late 80's. The Red Tape is one of those tapes. Not only is The Red Tape what DJ Quik got his record deal off of, but it was also responsible for setting off his beef with MC Eiht of Compton's Most Wanted due to the song "Real Doe". The fact that Quik was a Blood and Eiht was a Crip didn't help matters either. The tape featured Quik's hit "Born And Raised In Compton" as well as a bunch of lyrics that would eventually end up on official releases by the crew.

The Red Tape is the most popular of DJ Quik's underground tapes and it supposedly came out in 1987, but because I didn't get it until many years later I can't be sure about that. There are a few things listening to the tape that makes me think it was released a few years later. For starters, on one song they start saying "go LL, go LL" and then go into the "Jinglin' Baby" hook. LL released "Jinglin' Baby" in '89/90. The second thing was Quik uses the "life ain't nothin' but bitches and money" sample from N.W.A.'s "Gangsta Gangsta". "Gangsta Gangsta" came out in '88. The third thing is "Born & Raised In Compton" is on the tape and it's the exact same version that was released in 1991. I can't see that song being record 5 years before it was released. In fact, Quik's overall production sound on The Red Tape sounds nothing like anything sounded in 1987. Either Quik was WAY ahead of his time, or The Red Tape was recorded in 1989/90 at the earliest. Either way, this tape is dope and a rare classic piece of history. If anybody has an actual copy of The Red Tape please hollar. I'll pay top dollar.

DJ Quik

1. Reprise Intro feat. 2nd II None & AMG
2. Underground Terror feat. 2nd II None
3. Chocolate Lover feat. 2nd II None
4. Real Doe feat. 2nd II None & AMG
5. Word To The D feat. 2nd II None
6. My Dick feat. 2nd II None
7. Born And Raised In Compton
8. Rita Is A Bitch feat. 2nd II None
9. Good Thing
10. Ni**az Trippin' Freestyle feat. 2nd II None
11. Good Lover feat. 2nd II None