Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rap Treats #23: St. Ides Commercials

St. Ides had the freshest commercials back in the day, and they worked too because it made me drink St. Ides at one point in my life. And St. Ides tastes like shit. There weren't a whole lot of rappers endorsing products in the early 90's like today (except for Hammer) so these were always the dopest commercials on TV. This isn't the hardest comp to find (I think it's available in stores), but the commercials are classic so it had to go up.

St. Ides

1. King Tee "St. Ides"
2. King Tee & DJ Pooh "Forty Ounce Fit For A King"
3. King Tee & DJ Pooh "Tha Bomb Malt Liquor"
4. King Tee & E-Swift "Do Ya Like St. Ides?"
5. King Tee "Do You Wanna Go To The Liquor Store?"
6. E-Swift & King Tee "Let's Have Some St. Ides"
7. Ice Cube & King Tee
8. Ice Cube, DJ Pooh & E-Swift "S.T. Crooked I.D.E"
9. Yo Yo & Cube "Femalt Liquor"
10. Ice Cube & Pooh "All I Want For Christmas"
11. Ice Cube "Jackin For Malt Liquor"
12. Ice Cube "We Don't Want No 8-ball"
13. Ice Cube "Wish They'd Come Up With A 12-Pak"
14. Cube & Pooh "Blind Fold Test"
15. Eric B & Rakim "Real Men's Drink"
16. Rakim "Get Some....."
17. Yo Yo & King Tee "You Need A Six-Pack"
18. EPMD & Ice Cube "East Meets West Malt Liquor"
19. Erick Sermon "40 Oz Or A Can"
20. Kool G Rap, DJ Pooh & Sir Jinx "Getta Grip, Take A Sip"
21. Geto Boys & Ice Cube "5th Ward/South Central Malt"
22. Geto Boys "My Malt's Playin' Tricks On Me"
23. Snoop Doggy Dogg "St. Ides In The LBC"
24. Warren G "When We Sippin' On Tha Brew"
25. Nate Dogg "Drank Anthem"
26. MC Eiht "The Brew Took Me Under"
27. Scarface "Drankin Toon"
28. Wu-Tang Clan "Shaolin Brew"
29. Snoop Doggy Dogg "Dogg Food N Drank"
30. Ice Cube "Crooked I For All Ages"