Friday, July 11, 2008

T La Rock - Unkut Interview + LL Cool J "It's Yours" Freestyle (1985)

T La Rock is one of the more slept on Old School Rap Legends there is, but fortunately the folks over at Unkut are not one of those sleeping. The recently caught up with T La Rock and they basically talked about his whole career. If you aren't up on T La Rock he made his name off the Rick Rubin produced record "It's Yours", which was also the first record with the Def Jam logo on it (rap nerd fact: the Beastie Boys did the back up chants and hand claps on "It's Yours"). LL Cool J's "It's Yours" 12 inch ended up being the first official Def Jam release. T La Rock is actually the rapper Def Jam wanted LL Cool J to be. When T La Rock and Def Jam parted ways they scooped up LL Cool J and even considered putting him out under the name T La Rock. This interview covers T La Rock's hooking up with with Rick Rubin, his fall out with Def Jam, LL Cool J, Jazzy Jay, being credited with starting Bass music, putting MC Search on, and a lot more.

Unkut T La Rock Interview Part 1
Unkut T La Rock Interview Part 2


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