Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rap Treats #37: BIGGIE SMALLS - Ready To Die (Original)

This is supposed to be the version of Biggie's Ready To Die album that Biggie himself wanted to release, but due to samples not being able to be cleared this version of the album never came out. I don't buy that this is the original Ready To Die because there are some suspect songs on here (like his Unsigned Hype Source demo), but this shit is dope still. There are lots of unreleased and original versions so I'm sure at least some of this was originally meant for Ready To Die.


1. Intro (Original Uncleared Sample Version)
2. Things Done Changed (Original Version)
3. Gimme The Loot (Uncensored Never Before Heard Version)
4. Machine Fun Funk (DJ Premier Version)
5. Warning (Original Version)
6. Ready To Die (Original Beat Version)
7. One More Chance (Original Uncleared Sample Version)
8. Fuck Me (Interlude)
9 The What (Original Unheard Lyrics Version)
10. Juicy (Pete Rock Version)
11. Everyday Struggle (Demo Version)
12. Me And My Bitch (Original Beat Version)
13. Respect (Original Extended Version)
14. Friend Of Mine (Original Demo Version)
15. Whatchu Want (Unreleased Original Version)
16. Suicidal Thoughts (Pete Rock Version)
17. Come On (Unreleased Original Version)
18. Who Shot Ya? (Original Demo Version)
19. Mac's N Dons (Unreleased)
20. Pepsi Freestyle (Unreleased)
21. Biggie Got That Hype Shit (Unreleased Demo)