Friday, August 15, 2008

Records: Crooklyn Dodgers - "Crooklyn" 12"

Another one of THE GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME (you gotta say that like Muhammad Ali), this one is great because the song is a classic plus the 12" came with vocal, acapella and instrumental versions. It was also a Brooklyn super group put together by Spike Lee for his movie Crooklyn with legends Masta Ace, Special Ed, and Buckshot. Not sure why Q-Tip (Queens Tip) got to produced the track because he isn't from Brooklyn, but he was hot as hell as a producer back then (Nas, Tribe) so it works.
Both sides A & B are the same.

Crooklyn Dodgers
(Masta Ace, Special Ed, Buckshot)
(MCA Records)

1. "Crooklyn" (Baseball Mix)
2. "Crooklyn" (Full Mix"
3. "Crooklyn" (Instrumental)
4. "Crooklyn" (Acapella)

Produced by Q-Tip