Monday, August 11, 2008

Records: Wu-Tang Clan - "Protect Ya Neck" 12"

Another classic 12inch for the archives... times 2. When Wu-Tang came with "Protect Ya Neck" they shitted on the whole rap world. This is (in my opinion) the greatest posse cut ever from one of THE GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME. I realize it wasn't looked at as a posse cut, but looking back 15 years later that's exactly what it was. "Scenario" and "The Symphony" also get top spot consideration, but this one wins in my world (or maybe it's a tie).

Wu-Tang Clan
(Loud Records)

A1 "Protect Ya Neck" (Radio Edit)
A2 "Protect Ya Neck" (Shao Lin Version)
A3 "Protect Ya Neck" (Bloody Version)
B1 "Method Man" (Radio Edit)
B2 "Method Man (Smoked Out Version)
B3 "Method Man" (Home Grown Version)]
B4 "Method Man" (Bonus Beats)

Produced by RZA