Thursday, August 21, 2008

Records: M.O.P. - "How About Some Hardcore" 12"

M-FUCKIN'-O-FUCKIN'-P! Mash-Out Posse!! M.O.P!!! This record is that shit. Hard as fuck. For real, even thinking about M.O.P. makes me say 'fuck' way more than normal. Definitely one of THE GREATEST FUCKING 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME and it's only one song. There is a reason both Jay-Z and 50 Cent wanted to sign M.O.P. and this 12" is one of them. "How About Some Hardcore" is one of those songs that you played when you wanted to take the party to another level, but at the same time one of the records you didn't play if the club was thugged out so shit wouldn't pop off.

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A1 "How About Some Hardcore" (Saratoga Ave Mix)
B1 "How About Some Hardcore" (Herb Mix Clean)
B2 "How About Some Hardcore" (Saratoga Ave Instrumental)

Produced by Darryl Dee
Co-Produced by Laz-E-Laz

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