Friday, August 15, 2008

Records: The UMC's - "Blue Cheese" & "One To Grow On" 12"s

Not sure if these qualify as the greatest 12 inches ever, but if you put them together they would for sure. On their own, "Blue Cheese" and "One To Grow On" are certified classics. "Spin 360 degrees..."

The UMCs
Wild Pitch Records

A1 "Blue Cheese" (U-N-I-Verse-All)
A2 "Blue Cheese" (Smooth)
A3 "Blue Cheese" (Vocaless)
B1 "Anyway The Wind Blows" (Whirlwind)
B2 "Anyway The Wind Blows" (Boom Of The Typhoon)
B3 "Anyway The Wind Blows" (Bass Interface)
B4 "Anyway The Wind Blows" (Vocaless)

The UMCs
Wild Pitch Records

A1 "One To Grow On" (Growin Like Weeds)
A2 "One To Grow On" (As Tall As Manute Bol Instrumental)
A3 "One To Grow On" (Couldn't Get No Better)
B1 "Swing It To The Area" (Side Show Bob Recreation)
B2 "Swing It To The Area" (Island Nation Anthem)
B3 "Swing It To The Area" (Heebee Jeebeez Instrumental)

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