Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nardwuar vs. Drake

Nardwuar hooks up Drake with a fucking red jacket with some zippers.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rap Treats #80: Cold Front Rap Compilation

Who is familiar with this one? Hands in the air. This one is for my Canadian Rap Nerds. I remember seeing the release party special on Much Music and immediately going to the record store to pick it up. I was already a Maestro and Main Source fan and them being on this comp made everybody else seem legit to me, although to this day I've always wondered why Michie Mee wasn't on it. Anyways, there is the comp to download. Oh, and for the record... Main Source IS Canadian Hip-Hop to me. I don't care that Large Pro was the main dude, two out of three wins on a technicality. I'll take that.

Various Artists
Cold Front Rap Compilation

1. CIUT 89.5 - Master Plan Show Spot
2. Maestro Fresh Wes - Black Tie Affair
3. Base Poet - When I Went To Buy Milk
4. Sweet Ebony - With This
5. Dream Warriors - 12 Sided Dice
6. Large Professor - CKLN 88.1 Power Move Show Spot
7. Main Source - Atom
8. Sonyalive - I'm Coming Into Consciousness
9. CIUT 89.5 - Master Plan Show Spot
10. Kish - Jim Class
11. R & R - Having A Good Day
12. Nu Black Nation - Soul Vibration
13. CHRY 105.5 - Jam Factor Spot
4. KGB - Letters Of Three
15. Top Secret - Stupid
16. Fresh B - This Is For The Record
17. CKLN 88.1 - Oblivion Express Spot'

From the liner notes:

“Although rap music has existed in Toronto since the late 70′s under the influence of N.Y.C. and brought to the people via mobile sound crews like Sunshine, Maceo, City Crew and Ebony All-Star, the Toronto rap music community has had to share the beat with Funk, R&B, and Reggae almost pushing rap into an obscure underground until the mid-eighties. It wasn’t until CKLN radio DJ Ron Nelson dedicated his three hour funk/hip hop show “The Fantastic Voyage” solely to rap music and began promoting concerts that new life was breathed into a community saturated by Roxanne Roxanne answer records and Egyptian lover beats.

“From the mid to late eighties, no Canadian artist had rapped on vinyl until Ivan Berry, Rupert Gayle and Richard Rodwell (AKA Maximum 60) formed Beat Factory Productions. In 1987 Beat Factory met Scott La Rock and KRS 1 during a BDP show. The result of that meeting was the Beat Factory EP featuring Michee Mee & L.A. Luv, and Rumble & Strong, which was co-produced by BDP and released on Beat Factory Records.

“Still, many Canadian labels weren’t paying attention to the program. It wasn’t until December of 1989 that Attic Records broke things wide open when they released Symphony In Effect, the debut album from Maestro Fresh Wes. Maestro and his manager Farley Flex had a chance meeting with Stevie B during a performance on the local television dance show The Electric Circus which led to an American deal with LMR Records. The album was released in Canada on Attic and quickly proved rap’s commercial power to the industry by sailing past the platinum sales plateau and making Wes the first Canadian artist in any genre to score two Top 5 singles from a debut album — thus forever changing the way the Canadian record industry viewed rap music.

“Meanwhile, Beat Factory had relative success with the signing of Michee Mee to First Priority and the release of HDV’s debut LP, Sex, Drugs And Violence on ISBA (CBS) Canada. But, it wasn’t until Island Records released the Dream Warriors LP, And Now The Legacy Begins, that Canadian hip-hop was finally recognized world-wide.
“Finally, A&M Records became the first major label to sign a Canadian rap artist when they picked up Kish from the Full Flex Management stable. Kish’s debut Order To Chaos shows the new funky direction taken on by the Canadian hip hop nation.

“The Cold Front LP is not all that makes Toronto strong, but it’s a taste of a rap community that has been stewing for over a decade.” – John Bronski

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rap Treats #79: Go Getters - World Record Holders LP (Pre Roc-A-Fella & Pre Broken Jaw Kanye West)

This is pretty dope. A pre Roc-A-Fella Records Kanye West album featuring GLC, Really Doe, Rhymefest and a few others. Large up Andrew from FakeShoreDrive for unleashing this one! I'll let him explain this project...

"Once upon a time there was a Chicago music conglomerate known as Kon-Man Productions, which was represented by Hustle, a marketing and promotions company run by Don Crowley, John “Monopoly” Johnson and Happy Lewis. At the top of the Kon-Man productions pyramid, was a up-and-coming rapper/producer by the name of Kanye West. Kanye had recruited some of Chicago’s top talent to join him on his road to riches and quest for stardom. Producers such as Boogz, Arrowstar and Brian “All Day” Miller helped him on the production side, while emcees such as GLC, Mikkey, Rhymefest, Timmy G, Miss Criss, Shayla G and Really Doe held down microphone duties.

Out of this conglomerate, a small “group” was formed which featured Kanye himself, GLC, Timmy G and Arrowstar – and this group was called the Go Getters. The Go Getters recorded a handful of songs, did some promo shoots and made radio appearances – but an official album was never released. A few of these tracks were released about 10 years ago via the World Record Holders album, which was more of a Kon-Man Productions compilation that also featured some completed Go Getters tracks. Also included on this album/mixtape were loose songs Kanye produced and completed songs from various Kon-Man artists."


1. World Record Holders Intro
2. World Record Holders (Performed by GLC, Kanye West, Timmy G)
3. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me (Performed by Kanye West)
4. Dem Guys (Performed by GLC, Timmy G)
5. Ghetto Senorita (Performed by Miss Criss, Kanye West & Shayla G)
6. All I Need (Performed by Kanye West, Mikkey Halsted, Miss Criss)
(Prod. by Brian “All Day" Miller)
7. Foolish Game (Performed by Mikkey Halsted)
(Prod. by Brian “All Day” Miller)
8. No Luv (Performed by GLC, Timmy G)
9. Fight With The Best
(Performed by Kanye West, Rhymefest & Mikkey Halsted)
10. 10 In A Benz (Performed by Rhymefest & Kanye West)
(Prod. by Andy C)
11. Uh Oh (Performed by Kanye West, Timmy G, GLC)
12. Mind Yo Business (Performed by GLC, Timmy G, Kanye West)
13. Let Em In (Performed by Kanye West, GLC, Timmy G)