Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Daddy Kane Story (Full Documentary)

Big Daddy Kane is THE shit. This is worth every minute of your time.
16 of them to be exact.

Friday, March 13, 2009

D-Nice's True Hip-Hop Stories - Sadat X

D-Nice puts together another dope segment that needs to be seen and heard. Sadat X talks about the making of "Punks Jump Up", respecting the new school and incarceration.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Records: BIGGIE SMALLS - Ready To Die 12"s

To cap off B.I.G. day it's only right to hit you with the Ready To Die 12"s. There isn't much more that can be said about Christopher Wallace that hasn't been said already. He's one of the best to ever do it. Hip-Hop hasn't been the same since March 9th, 1997.


(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Juicy" (Dirty Mix)
A2 "Unbelievable"
A3 "Juicy" (Remix)
B1 "Juicy" (Instrumental)
B2 "Juicy" (Remix Instrumental)
B3 "Unbelievable" (Instrumental)

"Juicy" produced by Poke (Trackmasterz) and Puff Daddy
"Juicy" (Remix) produced by Pete Rock
"Unbelievable" produced by DJ Premier

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Big Poppa" (Club Mix)
A2 "Warning" (Club Mix)
A3 "Big Poppa" (Instrumental)
B1 "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit)
B2 "Warning" (Radio Edit)
B3 "Warning" (Instrumental)

"Big Poppa" produced by Carl "Chucky" Thompson & Puff Daddy
"Warning" produced by Easy Mo Bee

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Radio Edit)
A2 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Mix)
A3 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Radio Edit 2)
A4 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Instrumental)
B1 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Radio Edit)
B2 "The What" feat. Method Man (Radio Edit)
B3 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Instrumental)

"One More Chance" produced by Rashad Smith & Puff Daddy
"The What" produced by Easy Mo Bee

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit)
A2 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Radio Edit)
A3 "Who Shot Ya?" (Radio Edit)
A4 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Instrumental)
B1 "Big Poppa" (Club Mix)
B2 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Club Mix)
B3 "Who Shot Ya?" (Club Mix)
B4 "Who Shot Ya?" (Instrumental)

"Big Poppa" produced by Chucky Thompson& Puff Daddy
"Big Poppa" (Remix) produced by Jermaine Dupri & Manuel Seal
"Who Shot Ya?" produced by Nashiem Myrick & Puff Daddy

This isn't rare but it's dope as hell. This is Biggie freestyling in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn at the age of 17. I think (actually more guessing) that this is the battle scene that they tried recreating in the movie Notorious.

Rap Treats #65: Bad Boy Mixtapes Vol. 1-4 (1995/96)

These are Volumes 1-4 of the Bad Boy mix tapes that came out in the mid 90's. This was the era when mixtapes were actually mixed on cassette tapes (I still can't use the term "Mix CD"). Before the internet was poppin, this was the place to get exclusive freestyles and all the newest Bad Boy records from BIGGIE, Craig Mack, The Lox, 112 and anything Bad Boy. They also had all the hottest records of the day, not just Bad Boy joints. Add to that they are hosted by Puff Daddy and mixed by the hottest DJs in NYC at the time and these are classics tapes.

DJ Clue

DJ Doo Wop

DJ Stretch Armstrong


Classic Material: Biggie Smalls "Party & Bullshit" Video (1993)

Biggie in '93 with a video that isn't quite on the "Hypnotize" budget, but iller still.

Nardwuar vs. T-Pain

Hahaha. These two should have a show together.

Records: BIGGIE SMALLS - "Party & Bullshit" 12"

This is the record that started it all. More to come.

(Uptown Records)

A1 "Party And Bullshit" (Radio)
A2 "Party And Bullshit" (Album)
A3 "Party And Bullshit" (Instrumental)
B1 "Party And Bullshit" (Club Dirty)
B2 "Party And Bullshit" (Dirty Instrumental)

Produced by Easy Moe Bee