Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rap Treats #44: Nas "Represent" (Original Instrumental)

This isn't really a hard to find jem because DJ Premier's Beats That Collected Dust just came out and that is where this is from, but I'm still going to label it a Rap Treat anyways. This is the original version instrumental of Nas' "Represent" off his Illmatic album. Nas was super picky when it came to choosing beats for Illmatic and this one didn't make the cut, but it has the "Represent" chorus on it so at one time it did. Represent, Represent!

DJ Premier

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rap Treats #43: ATCQ "Georgie Porgie" (1991)

This is the original version of Tribe's "Show Business" from their Low End Theory album. The song is called "Georgie Porgie", features Brand Nubian, and is about how they don't like gay dudes. For real, they are pretty much gay bashing all over this one (pause, no homo). Story goes this version was rejected by their record label Jive Records due to the homophobic lyrics, so they made a new song out of the same beat. Apparently Grand Puba didn't want to re-do the song with a new topic which is why he's not on "Show Business".

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Brand Nubian

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Records: M.O.P. - "Ante Up" & "Ante Up (Remix)" 12"s

"Take minks off! Take things off!
Take chains off! Take rings off!
Bracelets is yapped, Fame came off!
(Ante Up!) Everything off!"

(Loud Records)

A1 "Ante Up" (Radio Version)
A2 "Ante Up" (Explicit Version)
B1 "Ante Up" (Instrumental)
B2 "Ante Up" (acapella)

Produced by DR Period

(Loud Records)

A1 "Cold As Ice" (Radio Version)
A2 "Cold As Ice" (Album Version)
A3 "Cold As Ice" (Instrumental)
B1 "Ante Up (Remix)" (Radio Version Remix)
B2 "Ante Up (Remix)" (Album Version)
B3 "Ante Up (Remix)" (Instrumental)

Side A Produced by Fizzy Womack
Side B Produced by DR Period

Records: InI - "Fakin Jax" 12"

(Elektra Records)

A1 "Fakin Jax" (Album Version)
A2 "Fakin Jax" (Bop Ya Head Remix)
A3 "Fakin Jax" (Album Instrumental)
B1 "Props" (Album Version)
B2 "Fakin Jax" (Bop Ya Head Remix Instrumental)
B3 "Fakin Jax" (Album Version Acapella)

Produced by Pete Rock

Records: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Straighten It Out" 12"

This one also goes down as one of THE GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME. Both side A & side B are monster jams off one of the most classic classics in Hip-Hop music - Mecca & The Soul Brother.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth
(Elektra Records)

A1 "Straighten It Out" (Vocal)
A2 "Straighten It Out" (Vocal Remix)
A3 "Straighten It Out" (Instrumental)
B1 "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" (Remix)
B2 "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" (Remix Instrumental)
B3 "Straighten It Out" (Remix Instrumental)

Produced by Pete Rock

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Records: A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders 12"s

Here are all the singles from another 5 star, 5 mic, 10 out of 10, 2 thumbs album - Tribe's Midnight Marauders. Not many groups could follow up 2 albums like Peoples Instinctive Travels & Low End Theory with another classic, but Tribe pulled it off (unfortunately for the last time). They even had one of the ILLEST album covers ever. I also included the "Oh My God" UK remixes and the unreleased "Bound To Wreck Your Body" record that was recorded in 1993 and was (supposedly) originally going to be included on Midnight Marauders.

A Tribe Called Quest
(Jive Records)

A1 "Award Tour" (LP Version)
A2 "Award Tour" (Radio Version)
B1 "Award Tour" (Instrumental)
B2 "The Chase (Part 2)" (LP Version)

Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest
(Jive Records)

A1 "Oh My God" (LP Version)
A2 "Oh My God" (Remix)
A3 "Oh My God" (Know Naim Remix)B1 "Lyrics To Go" (LP Version)B2 "Lyrics" (Remix)B3 "One Two Shit" feat. Busta Rhymes (Unreleased)

Produced by A Tribe Called Quest
B2 Remix Produced by Tumblin' Dice

A Tribe Called Quest
(Jive Records)

A1 "Oh My God" (UK Flavour Extended Mix)
A2 "Oh My God" (Red Eye Mix)B1 "Oh My God" (Master Mix)B2 "Oh My God" (Organ Mix)

A1, A2 Remixes by Tosh
B1, B2 Remixes by CJ Mackintosh

A Tribe Called Quest
(Jive Records)

A1 "Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl)" (LP Version)
A2 "Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl)" (Instrumental)
B1 "Midnight" (LP Version)
B2 "Midnight" (Instrumental)

Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest (Unreleased/Bootleg)
(Live Records)

A1 "Bound To Wreck Your Body" (Vocal)
B1 "Bound To Wreck Your Body" (Party Beats)

Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

BONUS Tribe: This is the Hip Hop Honors A Tribe Called Quest tribute featuring Common, Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco (who fucks up his verse), and Busta (who tears the place down).

Records: Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth - "DWYCK" 12"

Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth
(Chrysalis Records)

A1 "DWYCK" (Clean Version)
A2 "DWYCK" (Accapella)
B1 "DWYCK" (Album Version)
B2 "DWYCK" (Instrumental)

Produced by DJ Premier

Records: J Dilla - "Fuck The Police" 12"

My favourite J Dilla solo record... "1, 2, 3 - fuck the police!"

Jay Dee
(Up Above Records)

A1 "Fuck The Police" (Street)
A2 "Fuck The Police" (Clean)
A3 "Fuck The Police" (Instrumental)
B1 "Move" feat. Frank-N-Dank (Street)
B2 "Move" feat. Frank-N-Dank (Clean)
B3 "Move" (Instrumental)

Produced by J Dilla

Records: 2 Live Crew - "We Want Some Pussy" 12"

The original Frat Boy party anthem.

2 Live Crew
(Luke Skyywalker Records)

A1 "We Want Some Pussy" (German Long Hard Mix)
A2 "We Want Some Pussy" (Pussy Live)
A3 "We Want Some Pussy" (The Classic)
A4 "We Want Some Pussy" (Don't Dance)

Produced by Luke Skyywalker & 2 Live Crew

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rap Treats #42: ATCQ "Scenario" (Original #2)

A little while ago the original version of Tribe's "Scenario" surfaced featuring De La Soul and Blacksheep alongside Tribe and Leaders Of The New School. At that time the folks over at Unkut revealed there was yet another version that had super manager Chris Lighty and Jarobi rapping on it. Well this is that version. This might actually be the first time I've ever heard Jarobi rap. Q-Tip recently said the reason the song ended up with only L.O.N.S. on it was because “It was just too many people. I called niggas back, told niggas to come back the next day. Nobody came back. The only people that came back was Leaders, so then when they came back we just finished it.”

A Tribe Called Quest feat. L.O.N.S., Chris Lighty & Jarobi

Rap Treats #41: Snoop Doggy Dogg - Over The Counter (1991)

Normally this would go in the Demos section, but I've yet to see a complete rip of it. Over The Counter is an album/demo that has baffled me for a while now. The story goes it's made up of pre Dr. Dre songs and early Death Row demos. My personal feeling is it's fake. There is no way this was out on Death Row in 1991 like it says in the credits on the back cover. I do however, think that this may be a compilation of pre Dre/early Death Row demos that was put together. Somebody went to great lengths to make this seem real. Songs even have stories behind them which is interesting on some rap nerd shit (it could all be bullshit though!). The problem is I don't know anybody with the whole album and as far as I know there are only these 6 songs floating around.

Snoop Doggy Dogg

"Let 'Em Understand" - a diss song aimed at Domino
"187 (It's On)" - this was the original inspiration for "Deep Cover"
"Do You Remember" - supposedly the most played song from Over The Counter at radio
"True To The Game" - he did this with some dude named DJ Glaze, basically a freestyle
"The Message" - recorded before Death Row, a freestyle over "The Message"
"Country Blues" - recorded before he was on Death Row, a freestyle on "Pay Ya Dues"

Like I said, the Over The Counter album doesn't actually exist so we'll just call these demo tracks. If anybody has a copy of Over The Counter then send me a link and prove me wrong! But that won't happen because it's a hoax. But it's a pretty good hoax complete with a beat up album cover, a track list with producer credits (click HERE to see it), and a back story. Wanna here it? Here it goes.

"When Snoop was talking with Cold 187 (Above The Law) he was promised a deal. So Snoop waited..... and waited..... and waited. Nobody ever got back with him. In result, Warren G took 213 to Dre. After Dre heard "Sooper Dooper Snooper" he hooked up with Snoop quickly. About the same time, Cold 187 called Snoop. He told him they had a song ready for his vocals called "Never Missin' A Beat" (the first minute or so of that track was to be for Snoop). But it was too late, Snoop turned him down. Another song "Pimpology 101" was intended for Snoop. Those two tracks were slapped on the album at the last minute as instrumentals.
So Snoop was with Dre. Dre was very, very, very impressed by Snoop's smooth, calm, and charismatic demeanor. He wanted an album out immediately. So they went to work. Although, they failed to realize that they had no way of distributing the resulting album. At that time very late in 1991 Dre & Suge managed to hook up a weak deal directly with Time Warner. But the problem was that Dre was rushing everything before it was legal. Death Row was not yet officially a Record Company. It was more like a Record Organization of Dre's respective partners.

So, Dre and Snoop record a few songs featuring many of the labels early artists such as RBX, CPO, D.O.C., Chocolate and everyone else. It featured producers such as Dre himself, Warren G, Chocolate, and DJ Glaze. Not all the songs were created at Death Row though. Some were recorded during Snoop's wait on Cold 187 and before Snoop's introduction to Dre. A couple were songs that Snoop really liked and wanted to include, recorded with Dj Glaze and Foesum in early 1991 that otherwise would never have been heard. He wanted these songs included also because he had hoped to bring the group Perfection (Foesum) onto Death Row because they were desperately searching for a stable deal. They were the only group that were apart of Snoop's cirlce that never got their chance like RBX, Daz, Kurupt, and Malik got. Due to Foesum's contracts with their record company and due to their own unorganized practices, they were never given a chance by Dre. "Let 'Em Understand Perfection" was the only chance they were given on Death Row.

Time Warner was not legally capable of Distributing the album, so it was shelved. Only promo tapes were pressed and given to LA radio station but never given authorization to play it. But knowing them they played the shit anyway. The song "Do You Remember" was the song most played by radio stations before they were stopped."

There it is. The mystery of Snoop Doggy Dogg's Over The Counter album that came out in 1991 on Death Row Records. Allegedly. That story came from some dude named AnnonymousOne from Internetland so take it for what it's worth. Once again, if you have this make believe album (and also the "Sooper Dooper Snooper" song that Dre supposedly tripped over) then send it over!

Classic Material: De La Soul 3 Feet High & Rising EPK

Looking back at these EPK's it's pretty interesting to see how the artists (but probably more the record labels) wanted to present themselves to the world for the first time. The Nas EPK got me hooked on these thing and here is another one. It's De La in their Daisy Age days. We all know they ended up hating this image, and they said from the jump (and it's all over this EPK) that they weren't hippies but they still got labeled that way anyways. That's what being original will get you. Interviews, freestyles, videos, live footage, and cameos by DMC, Red Alert, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Daddy-O, and of course Prince Paul make this EPK super dope.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Records: Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass" & "Born To Roll" 12"s

Masta Ace is a legend. Dude rapped on the greatest posse cut ever with his verse on "The Symphony", was part of the mother fucking Juice Crew, and may be the most relevant rapper today who had hits in the 80's. There are many more Masta Ace record post coming, especially covering his Take A Look Around album, but this one is all about what in my mind is Ace's biggest solo record. Masta Ace had both New York and Los Angeles banging "Jeep Ass" due to the unforgettable "Born To Roll" remix. This is the definition of extending a song's life through a remix. I think my heart is still with the original and that bassline, but the "Knowledge Me" loop on the remix is undeniable.

"Brainiac dumb dumb bust the scientifically..."

Masta Ace Inc.
(Delicious Vinyl Records)

A1 "Jeep Ass Ni*uh"
A2 "Jeep Ass Ni*uh" (Dusted Mix)
A3 "Jeep Ass Nig*h" (Bizcapella)
B1 "Saturday Nite Live"
B2 "Saturday Nite Live" (Dub)
B3 "Jeep Ass Niguh" (Bonus Beats)

A1 produced by Ase One & The Bluez Brothers
A2, A3 Produced by Latief, Co-Produced by Ase One
B1, B2 Produced by UNeek

Masta Ace Inc.
(Delicious Vinyl Records)

A1 "Born To Roll" (Clean)
A2 "Born To Roll" (Dirty)
A3 "Born To Roll" (Instrumental)
B1 "Saturday Night Live" (L.A. Jay Remix) (Main)
B2 "Saturday Night Live" (L.A. Jay Remix) (Instrumental)
B3 "Saturday Night Live" (Acapella)

Side A Produced by Ase One
Side B Produced by L.A. Jay

Records: Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg - "Deep Cover" 12"

Snoop Dogg's introduction to the rap world.

Dr. Dre introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg
(Epic Records)

A1 "Deep Cover" (Uncensored)
A2 "Deep Cover" (LP Version)
B1 "Deep Cover" (Instrumental)
B2 "Deep Cover" (Remix 187um)

Produced By Dr. Dre

Records: Double XX Posse - "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" 12"

Since not enough people know about this song I thought I'd put the video up too. One of the illest baseline's EVER recorded!

Double XX Posse
(Big Beat Records)

A1 "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" (T-Ray's Original)
A2 "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" (Criminal Minded Remix)
A3 "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" (Remix Instrumental)
B1 "The Pure Thing" (Vocal)
B2 "The Pure Thing" (Instrumental)
B3 "The Headcracker" (Remix)

Produced by T-Ray
Remix and Side B Produced by BK The Original Bootsmoker

Records: Poor Righteous Teachers - "Rock Dis Funky Joint" 12"

Poor Righteous Teachers
(Profile Records)

A1 "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (On Fire Remix)
A2 "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (On Fire Instrumental)
B1 "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (Album Version)
B2 "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (Radio Edit)
B3 "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (Midnight Croon)

Produced by Tony D

Records: Organized Konfusion - "Stress" 12"

I'm just going to start throwing 12" after 12" up. No need to comment on most of them because they are all certified classics and I have a lot of shit. Basically, it's time to digitize my record collection. A process that will probably take a good 5 years. So if you have any requests let me know, I'm not sure where to start.

Organized Konfusion
(Hollywood BASIC)

A1 "Stress" (Clean Version)
A2 "Stress" (Album Version)
A3 "Stress" (Instrumental)
B1 "Stress" feat. Large Professor (Clean Remix)
B2 "Stress" feat. Large Professor (Remix)
B3 "Keep It Coming"

Produced by Buckwild
Remix Produced by Large Professor

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vinyl Killer 2.0 - Mini Clubman

This Mini Clubman is a record player (if you look close you can see the speaker holes on top of the car). It's the Vinyl Killer 2.0. I first saw the original vinyl killer on that turntable poster that came in one of the issues of Grand Royal Magazine and I had to get one (they even released a "Bling Bling" version). the Vinyl Killer costs about $110 bucks, only plays at 331/3, and mashes the shit out of your records, but it's cool a fuck! You can get it online by going HERE.

"It's not the record that spins. The world's smallest self running record player doesn't need turntables but churns out music by driving round the record with a needle that is underneath the car. If you have this, you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you are. 33RPM Only. Built in motor, amplifier and speaker. Requires 9V alkali [sic] battery."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

She's A "Whooty" Girl!

A white girl with a booty. This shit is so mesmerising.

EDIT: So after watching this about 100 times, I can't get "Whooty" out of my head. The song is pure fuckery, but catchy as hell.

E Dubb

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Records: M.O.P. - "How About Some Hardcore" 12"

M-FUCKIN'-O-FUCKIN'-P! Mash-Out Posse!! M.O.P!!! This record is that shit. Hard as fuck. For real, even thinking about M.O.P. makes me say 'fuck' way more than normal. Definitely one of THE GREATEST FUCKING 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME and it's only one song. There is a reason both Jay-Z and 50 Cent wanted to sign M.O.P. and this 12" is one of them. "How About Some Hardcore" is one of those songs that you played when you wanted to take the party to another level, but at the same time one of the records you didn't play if the club was thugged out so shit wouldn't pop off.

(Select Records)

A1 "How About Some Hardcore" (Saratoga Ave Mix)
B1 "How About Some Hardcore" (Herb Mix Clean)
B2 "How About Some Hardcore" (Saratoga Ave Instrumental)

Produced by Darryl Dee
Co-Produced by Laz-E-Laz