Friday, January 25, 2013

Classic Material: LL Cool J Concert circa 1985

The year is 1985. The rapper is a 17 year old LL Cool J. The location is a school gymnasium somewhere in Maine. The crowd? Maybe the worst crowd in Hip-Hop history. Doesn't matter though, because this is video of a concert that a 17 year old LL Cool J gave in a hight school gym back in 1985! This footage falls under the "Where the fuck you find this?" category. Classic goods.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Classic Material: Ultramagnetic MC's Live in London (1990)

This one is courtesy of Tim Westwood. I can just imagine all the dope footage he has collected over the years. Watch this asap or recieve a Critical Beatdown!

Friday, January 4, 2013

thoseMFs feat. KAi Sky Walker, Tre Nyce, Snak The Ripper, SonReal & DJ Hedspin "Vancity Giants" (download)

Off the Vancity Giants 2 mixtape... Kai Sky Walker, Tre Nyce, Snak The Ripper, and SonReal on the mic... Kemo on the beat... DJ Hedspin on the cut... 

1. Dirty
2. Radio
3. Instrumental
4. Acapella
5. DJ Edit

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Watch: All City - Art In The Streets (circa 1983)

This is dope. Filmed in '83, this was meant to be a TV show but for whatever reason it never came to be. What we are left with, 30 years later, is a glimpse into Hip-Hop culture before it because mainstream america got a hold of it and pimped the shit out of it. This was posted on Youtube last week so it'll let the creators describe what you are about to see (don't sleep, like I said, this is DOPE).

"Director Henry Chalfant introduces his film All City (1983), which grew out of an idea to do a youth TV program about Hip Hop and other cultural phenomena of interest to young urbanites. The program was never realized, but the trailer grew into a portrait of the different elements of Hip Hop in the mid-80s. The venue is Fashion Moda, a popular art gallery on Third Avenue in the Bronx. There is a demonstration of Bboying, and Rap, followed by a discussion, hosted by Spank TC5, about art and culture with important graffiti artists of the time including Dondi, Butch, Mare and Brim. The video includes a montage of murals by Henry Chalfant and a Pop and Lock lesson by Mr. Wiggles. It features the young Bboy crew, VTB, The Very Tough Breakers."