Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rap Treats #37: BIGGIE SMALLS - Ready To Die (Original)

This is supposed to be the version of Biggie's Ready To Die album that Biggie himself wanted to release, but due to samples not being able to be cleared this version of the album never came out. I don't buy that this is the original Ready To Die because there are some suspect songs on here (like his Unsigned Hype Source demo), but this shit is dope still. There are lots of unreleased and original versions so I'm sure at least some of this was originally meant for Ready To Die.


1. Intro (Original Uncleared Sample Version)
2. Things Done Changed (Original Version)
3. Gimme The Loot (Uncensored Never Before Heard Version)
4. Machine Fun Funk (DJ Premier Version)
5. Warning (Original Version)
6. Ready To Die (Original Beat Version)
7. One More Chance (Original Uncleared Sample Version)
8. Fuck Me (Interlude)
9 The What (Original Unheard Lyrics Version)
10. Juicy (Pete Rock Version)
11. Everyday Struggle (Demo Version)
12. Me And My Bitch (Original Beat Version)
13. Respect (Original Extended Version)
14. Friend Of Mine (Original Demo Version)
15. Whatchu Want (Unreleased Original Version)
16. Suicidal Thoughts (Pete Rock Version)
17. Come On (Unreleased Original Version)
18. Who Shot Ya? (Original Demo Version)
19. Mac's N Dons (Unreleased)
20. Pepsi Freestyle (Unreleased)
21. Biggie Got That Hype Shit (Unreleased Demo)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rap Treats #36: ATCQ "Scenario" (Original)

Holy shit. This is a bonafied gem. An original version of Tribe's "Scenario" that features Leaders Of The New School, De La Soul and Blacksheep. Shouts to Unkut and the dude from 2020Proof for unearthing this. As the story goes, there are actually a few takes of the classic posse cut and this is one of them. There is apparently another version that features L.O.N.S., De La Soul, Blacksheep, Jungle Brother, and 'Baby' Chris Lighty. If it really exists then I'm sure it will surface one day. Check Unkut for the story. As a bonus I threw in all the "Scenario" remixes including the super classic Kid Hood mix.

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders Of The New School,
De La Soul & Blacksheep

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders Of The New School

A1. 7 MCs Remix
A2. Young Nation Remix
A3. 7 MCs Remix Instrumental
A4. Young Nation Instrumental
B2. LP Version
B3. Remix Instrumental
B4. LP Instrumental

The remix with Kid Hood goes down as one of the illest remixes ever, and Hood's verse goes down as one of the illest verses ever. This is his only appearence on wax that I'm aware of as he was killed two days after he recorded this. If anybody has the demo he recorded that led to him hooking up with Q-Tip and getting on the remix then PLEASE hook me up. The column below is from The Source and it breaks down who Kid Hood was and what happened. R.I.P. Hood.

Rap Treats #35: Mobb Deep Demo & Originals (1994)

Here are a bunch of demo and original versions of classic Mobb Deep songs from 1993/94. The tape hiss is in full effect and this sounds like demo's from the first part of the 90's usually sound, but it's good shit regardless. This isn't the exact demo that got them signed to LOUD because it's missing "Pattyshop". Send it if you have it! For me, the bonus here is that the original version of "Survival Of The Fittest" starts with drums so I finally know how to drop the damn song properly! That shit always gave me problems.

Mobb Deep

Give Up The Goods (Original)
Hectic (Original)
If It's Alright
Keepin' It Real
Lifestyles Of The Infamous
Light 'Em Up
Survival Of The Fittest (Original)
Temperatures Risin' (Original)
The Bridge '94
Up North Trip (Original)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Classic Material: Nas & Biggie Performing (1995)

Nas and Biggie on stage together back in 1995. Nas spits the 2nd verse of "Suspect" (It Was Written) then passes the mic to Biggie who does the 2nd verse of "Oh My Lord" (Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Conspiracy). Then the video ends in the middle of Biggie's verse. Method Man can be heard on the mic too. Anybody have the complete footage?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Records: Jay-Z - The Reasonable Doubt 12"

Remember the good old days? When Jay, Dame and Biggs were the best of friends setting out to conquer the rap world. Reasonable Doubt is just one of those albums that not only will go down as a classic, but captures the beginning of an era. Instead of a Jay-Z GREATEST 12 INCH OF ALL TIME post it only seemed right to lace you with every 12 inch from this album. Each 12 inch is classic material anyways so it makes sense. As a bonus, I also threw in the "In My Lifetime" 12inch which is Jay-Z's first solo single that came out on Pay Day Records. This was before Roc-A-Fella and before Def Jam. Click HERE if you want the High Potent 12 inch that was Jay's debut on wax back in 1986!


A1. Dirty Version
A2. Clean Version
A3. TV Track
B1. Very Clean Version
B2. Mixshow Clean Version
B3. TV Track

A1-A3 Produced by Ski
B1-B3 Produced by Big Jaz

Jay-Z feat. Mary J Blige

A1. Fool's Paradise Remix
B1. Fool's Paradise Remix Instrumental
B2. LP Version

A1, B1 produced by Irv Gotti
B2 produced by Knowbody

Jay-Z feat. Biggie

A1. Album Version
A2. Instrumental
B2. Clean Version

Produced by DJ Clark Kent


A1. Video Version
A2. TV Track
B1. LP Version
B2. Dirty

Produced by Ski


A1. Original Ski Radio Version
A2. Original Ski Street Version
A3. Skistrumental
B1. Big Jaz Radio Remix
B2. Big Jazmental Remix
B3. DJ Clark Kent Version

A1-A3 Produced by Ski
B1, B2 Produced by Big Jaz
B4 Produced by DJ Clark Kent

Friday, July 25, 2008

Records: Nubian Crackers - "Do You Wanna Hear It?" 12"

Another one of the GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME. Well maybe not one of the greatest 12 inches, but definitely one of the REALLY REALLY GOOD 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME. This was where the Artifacts made their debut on the vocal version of this song, but every dub and bonus version on here is DOPE!

Nubian Crackers

A1. Vocal Version feat. Artifacts
A2. Jazzy Old School Dub
A3. Spoonin Bonus Beats
B1. Minute To Mix No Time To Sleep
B2. Six Million Ways To Mix
B3. Bust A Cap Bonus

Produced by Nubian Crackers

Rap Treats #34: KMD's Black Bastards LP

KMD is my shit. "Peachfuzz", "Plumskinz", "Who Me?", all that. The Mr. Hood album is straight classic material. They debuted in '91, but by the time 1993 rolled around KMD officially got hit by industry rule 4080. The powers that be felt the second album, Black Bastards, cover art and title was too controversial and wouldn't put it out as is. They sent KMD packing with their masters and 20k. This meant the album that was made for 1993 ended up coming out in 2001 (even though it's out I wanted to include it hear anyways). Bastards. Zev Love X went on to become MF Doom and that was the end of Kausing Much Damage, but if you ask me, KMD > MF Doom. Subroc R.I.P.


1. Garbage Day #3

2. Get-U-Now

3. What A Nigga Know?

4. Sweet Premium Wine

5. Plumskinzz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)

6. Smokin' That Shit

7. Contact Blitt

8. Gimme!

9. Black Bastards!

10. It Sounded Like A Roc!

11. Plumskinzz (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)

12. Constipated Monkey

13. Fuck Wit' Ya Head!!

14. Suspended Animation

15. What A Nigga Know? Featuring MF Grimm (Remix)

16. Q3

Bill O'Reilly Responds To Nas

What did you expect him to say? Papa Bear is so transparent it's funny. It amazes my that he is able to fool people. It ain't hard to tell...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rap Treats #33: Nasty Nas & Cormega (1995)

"Whattup with Cormega, did you see 'em, are y'all together?
if so then hold the fort, now I represent to the fullest"

This is a demo recording that was made in 1995 shortly after Cormega came home. I remember hearing back then that Nas and Cormaga were going to team up on some music shit, but then The Firm came out without Cormega and I never heard anything about it again. Nasty Nas, Cormega and some dude named Sly Drama (who I never heard of before) rapping in DJ Hot Day's bedroom on what sounds exactly like a demo that was recorded in one take in somebodys bedroom studio.

Nasty Nas & Cormega

Nas Interview & Performance on Colbert Report

More Nas and Colbert. Click HERE if you missed the segment that Colbert did on the rally in front of Fox News that Nas was a part of, but this is the real deal. Nas makes an appearance on The Colbert Report and gets an interview and performance segment!

Nas interview above, Nas performance below.

Sesame Street Goodfellas

I don't know about you, but seeing Sesame Street characters swear cracks me up. First is was Sesame Street "Do The Right Thing", then Sesame Street "Ante Up", and now Sesame Street "Goodfellas".

Commercial Rap: MC Hammer's 900 Number

The number is 1-900-909-MCMC. I wonder if it's still in order? It's crazy to me that Hammer went bankrupt, because he was looking to get money from EVERYWHERE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneaker Freak (It Could Be The Sneaker)

I've noticed that people seem to think this short film is the illest shit. I think it's cool. It's about sneakers which is always good. Amir George is the film maker and he does have himself a pretty good concept.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rap Treats #32: Dr. Dre "86 In The Mix" Mixtape

In the past we've posted Dr. Dre's "U Got Ganked" mixtape, Eazy-E & Dr. Dre's "Live At The Rodium Swapmeet" mixtape, and N.W.A.'s "Live At Celebrity Arena" concert from 1989. This is pretty much the last of the mid 80's Dr. Dre mixtapes/megamixes that I have so enjoy. This is the no cassette tape hiss version that I haven't seen around Internetland yet. Enjoy!

Dr. Dre

Do The Carlton!

Actually, first learn to do the Moonwalk, King Tut, and Centipede as a young Carlton (Alfonzo Robeiro) teaches you how to Break & Pop. Also included in this wonderful TV offer is 'the right kind of music', fold out cardboard so you can 'safely' dance anywhere, and a rap sheet, you know, so you can rap. Make sure you tell Mom & Dad this is the 'safe' breakdance moves so you won't break your neck. All for only $19.99 (in 1980's money).

Okay, now do the Carlton!

Do The James (Brown)

For real, this is a James Brown instructional dance video from the mid 70's. Learn how to do the Boogalo, the Funky Chicken, the Mashed Potato, the Robot and of course the James Brown!

BONUS Do The James:

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud

Will Farrell & The Roc

The Roc in the building! Well, actually in the car with Will Farrell smoking a blunt and being real funny. This isn't new, but still a classic Saturday Night Live skit. Plus, I just seen it for the first time recently.

Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 ESPY Awards & Justin Timberlake

ESPN held their annual award show the ESPY's this past week. Justin Timberlake was the host/comedian for the night and the dude did a surprisingly good job. He cracks on all kinds of athletes in the opening monologue and was pretty funny. Check it above. And, because I know you were probably wondering, Norm Duke won the ESPY for Best Bowler. Which is great because if anybody deserves that award it's Norm Duke. Click HERE for the rest of the winners.

Rap Treats #31: Original, Rare and Unreleased

BIGGIE feat. Sadat X
This eventually found the light of day on B.I.G.'s Born Again album, but that version doesn't come close to this one. This is that Ready To Die BIGGIE.

LL Cool J
Obviously not the real title, but this song is unknown. It also sound pretty shitty. My guess is that it was a record he was working on and then scrapped.

De La Soul
This one is basically a De La version of Chi Ali's "Roadrunner".

The Roots
Produced by J Dilla.

Mobb Deep
This one came courtesy of Stretch Armstrong. The Beatnuts remix to the original "Shook Ones" that never saw an official release.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nardwuar vs. N.E.R.D.

Pharrell REALLY likes Nardwuar. Check what he had to say about him below.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Classic Material: Eric B Met The President + Eric B & Rakim Live (The Apollo)

The folks over at Unkut have answered a question I've been asking myself for 15 years now - 'I wonder what Eric B is doing these days?' Don't front, you know you've thought the same. With help from Wikipedia that mystery has finally been solved. Eric B is Paid In Full!

"Eric is now the owner of 47 restaurants throughout the U.S. including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, California, Texas, Washington DC, and most recently, Pennsylvania. Residing in a 57,000 sq. ft. palatial manor, Eric has become the ideological musician turned entrepreneur turned royalty and has truly taken his hit song Eric B is President to fruition. With a car collection featuring seven Rolls Royce vehicles, including the famed Rolls Royce featured on the cover of Follow the Leader, Eric’s vehicular menagerie features a Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and many other sought-after cars and trucks.

Recently featured on MTV Cribs, Eric B’s home, with a staff of 14 grounds keepers, chefs, maids, and security staff, was influenced by oriental design.

In 2007 Eric was honored by the President of the United States with an invitation to the White House where he met President George W. Bush, the First Lady and other dignitaries." - Wikipedia

Eric B & Rakim performing Eric B Is President and I Know You Got Soul at The Apollo back in 1986. This is that shit! Even though Rakim was just rapping over the actual records. they still absolutely murdered The Apollo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bert & Ernie "Ante Up" Video!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This shit is done very well and is VERY hilarious. I never knew Bert & Ernie were this hard! Ante up!!

Rap Treats #30: Wu-Tang Clan "Mystagogue Vol. II"

I never knew about this tape before, but apparently it was only given out at skateboard shops with the purchase of some magazine I'd never even heard of called Slap. And to make it even more obscure it was only available on cassette tape back in 1996. Right around the time Wu-Tang was at their peak. I'm not sure who the DJ who mixed this is but he definitely gets busy. Anybody have Volume 1? WU-TANG!

Wu-Tang Clan

Friday, July 11, 2008

T La Rock - Unkut Interview + LL Cool J "It's Yours" Freestyle (1985)

T La Rock is one of the more slept on Old School Rap Legends there is, but fortunately the folks over at Unkut are not one of those sleeping. The recently caught up with T La Rock and they basically talked about his whole career. If you aren't up on T La Rock he made his name off the Rick Rubin produced record "It's Yours", which was also the first record with the Def Jam logo on it (rap nerd fact: the Beastie Boys did the back up chants and hand claps on "It's Yours"). LL Cool J's "It's Yours" 12 inch ended up being the first official Def Jam release. T La Rock is actually the rapper Def Jam wanted LL Cool J to be. When T La Rock and Def Jam parted ways they scooped up LL Cool J and even considered putting him out under the name T La Rock. This interview covers T La Rock's hooking up with with Rick Rubin, his fall out with Def Jam, LL Cool J, Jazzy Jay, being credited with starting Bass music, putting MC Search on, and a lot more.

Unkut T La Rock Interview Part 1
Unkut T La Rock Interview Part 2


LL Cool J

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Records: Main Source - Breaking Atoms 12"s + 2 More

Another batch 12"s that all have the GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME status. It's too bad that Large Professor split with Sir Scratch and Kid Kut before they could release a follow up to the classic Breaking Atoms album, but the trio left a bunch of classic records behind them. Their first release on Wild Pitch has what makes a 12 inch great - a classic on both sides A & B. "Looking At The Front Door" and "Watch Roger Do His Thing" were both released as singles and there are videos made for both songs (click on the song titles). These are really all the Main Source 12"s that matter. Sorry Mikey D, but Main Source with you as the rapper FUCKING SUCKED. For real, that should never have happened. I also included "Fakin' The Funk" record which came out after their album, and the "Think"/"Atom" record which was their debut. It doesn't get any better than this.

Main Source

"Looking At The Front Door" b/w

"Watch Roger Do His Thing" (1990)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Looking At The Front Door" (Vocal)

A2 "Looking At The Front Door" (Instrumental)

B1 "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (Vocal)

B2 "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (Instrumental)

Main Source

"Just Hangin' Out" b/w

"Live At The BBQ" feat. Nasty Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal (1991)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Just Hangin' Out" (Our Hood)

A2 "Just Hangin' Out" (Your Hood)

A3 "Just Hangin' Out" (Instrumental)

B1 "Live At The BBQ" (The Original Cookout)

B2 "Live At The BBQ" (Refried Barbeque)

B3 "Live At The BBQ" (Instrumental)

Main Source

"Peace Is Not The Word To Play" 12 Inch (1991)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Remix)

A2 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (LP Version)

B1 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Video Remix)

B2 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Instrumental)

BONUS Main Source:

Main Source

"Fakin' The Funk" (1992)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Fakin' The Funk"

A2 "Fakin' The Funk" (Remix)

B1 "Fakin' The Funk" (Instrumental)

B2 "Fakin' The Funk" (Remix feat. Neek The Exotic)

Main Source

"Think" b/w "Atom" (1989)

(Actual Records)

A1 "Think" (Vocal)

A2 "Think" (Instrumental)

B1 "Atom" (Vocal)

B2 "Atom" (instrumental)

BONUS BONUS Main Source:

Main Source performing "Atom" on Muchmusic's Electric Circus. This footage is so old that Large Pro was a 16 year old rockin' a high top fade and one of the dancers had on a polka dot shirt on. This is both dope and rare as hell. Shouts to MOD once again for the hook up and big up a young DJ Starting From Scratch in the crowd!