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Monday, November 30, 2009

Classic Material: The Pharcyde on Yo! MTV Raps (1992)

The Pharcyde rocking a freestyle on Yo! MTV Raps back in '92.
Pretty sure this was their debut.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nardwuar vs. Too Short

Todd Shaw and Nardwuar, biiiiiiiaaaaaaatch!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stussy X J Dilla (Documentary)

This has been out for a minute, but it's dope still. Stussy's Jay Dee documentary.
Part 1 above, 2 & 3 below.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rap Treats #73: Jay-Z & Nas Live In London

This is a Rap Treat that comes straight from DJ Green Lantern. He blessed us with a board feed (in other words a good quality recording) of Jay & Nas performing together in London. This was around the time they had just squashed their beef and started working together. I got shivers just listening to this. It's a trip hearing Hov play hype man for Nasir.

Jay-Z & Nas

Jay-Z & Nas

Friday, August 28, 2009



March 30th,1973 - August 28th, 2009

Hit the link below for a great collection of 20 DJ AM mixes.


Mixtape Database

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rap Treats #72: Eminem "Hammer vs. Vanilla" + 3 More Songs

So here are a bunch of old ass Eminem songs. Needless to say this is way before his Slim Shady days. One look at that outfit and hair cut though and you know these were recorded WAAAAAAY back when he still ran with homie the Chaos Kid (whoever that is). Plus the sound quality sound like doo doo.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dave Chappelle's Impromptu Portland Appearance

So this is crazy. Dave Chappelle decided to do a surprise show in downtown Portland at 1am in the morning. That's the power of text messages and twitter! Dude has a mic and a small as amp and that's all. I'll let somebody who was actually there set the stage...

"Sooo…Dave Chappelle tries to do a last-minute surprise show in the middle of Downtown Portland at 1 AM, and 4,000 people show up. Chappelle supposedly only expected an audience of about 200, so he arrives in the outdoor Pioneer Square alone with a small portable amplifier and microphone in hand. The mob kinda prevents him from doing a proper show, but it’s still crazy to see him walk amongst us—Chappelle has become the Cam’ron of Comedy. And yeah, we would call this out for being a carefully orchestrated viral publicity stunt of Joaquin Phoenix proportions, but…Oregon? You can’t make that shit up."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rap Treats #71: Michael Jackson feat. LL Cool J "Serious Effect" (Unreleased Circa 1991)

This is some unreleased Michael featuring LL Cool J from the Dangerous sessions. I'd never heard it or even knew this existed before today. I love the internet! I also love LL & MJ. Too bad this never saw the light of day.

Michael Jackson feat. LL Cool J

DJ Premier's Michael Jackson Tribute Mix

DJ Premier goes through his favorites from MJ's entire catalogue starting in 1969. This was recorded live on Premier's satellite radio show "Live From HeadQCuarters" on Friday June 26th. Preem goes in with back to backs, transforming and all types of shit making it an official Hip Hop experience. Man, I know Michael's catalogue like a mother but I still need a playlist for some of these joints Primo puts down!

Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Samples in Hip-Hop Music

And if you don't know...

Michael Jackson "King Of Pop" Tribute Mix

Flipout dedicated his entire Traffic Jam to Michael Jackson, just hours after the confirmation of his death. This is his "King Of Pop" material mostly, as much as could be fit into the hour at least. Here's the HQ radio rip with co-hosts Jonny Staub and Jasmina taking callers too.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson "I Got That Feeling" (1968)

Talk about a natural talent. This video was recorded in 1968. Smooth moves and a booming voice at such a young age. Incredible!

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

The King Of Pop.
August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009.

Michael Jackson "History" (J Dilla Remix)

Two legends on one track. MJ on a Dilla beat!

Michael Jackson

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beer & Porn

This had me cracking up. I'm gonna go drink some Bud Light now, and watch some porn.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Classic Material: Jay-Z & The Roc Live at The Tunnel (1999)

This is some super vintage Hov right here from the legendary Tunnel Nightclub in NYC. A 40 minute long concert featuring the whole F'n Roc - Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Amil, DJ Clue, and even Pain in da Ass! Part 1 features "Pain In Da Ass Intro", "It's Hot", "Jigga My Ni$$a", and "So Ghetto". Part 2 features "Can I Get A...", "Money Ain't a Thang", "It's Alright", "What You Think of That", and "Bleek Is". Part 3 features "What a Thug About", "45 Freestyle", "Who You Wit", "Ain't No Ni$$a", "Imaginary Player", and "Jigga What, Jigga Who". And part 4 of Jay-Z's performance at NYC nightclub The Tunnel features "Money, Cash, Hoes" and "Do It Again".

The Roc is in the building!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Record Jacket Fun

I didn't know there were other people like me who thought doing this was some funny shit. Some of theses are real well done. NoizeAddicts hooked it up. Click HERE for part one, and HERE for part two.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Become An Instant DJ!

"Chicks dig it when dudes stand in front of people and do things".

swear there must have been a sale on these bitches over the last 5 years or something.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pitbull Doesn't Like To Be Heckled

This might be the single best piece of live footage that I have ever witnessed. Let me set the stage. Pitbull is performing with his band (they are doing "Bo Jangles"). Some dude is in the crowd is throwing money at him. Pitbull, while still rapping, pulls the heckler up on stage. Then, while still rocking the show and not missing a line, Pitbull knocks the dude THE FUCK OUT. Amazing. This is the definition of playing yourself. Remind me not to throw money at Pitbull in the future.

Nardwuar vs. Supernatural

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Classic Material: Eminem & Royce aka Bad Meets Evil Interview

This is pretty dope. Eminem being interview back in '98 before he blew the fuck up and became the mega star that he is today. This was also back when Eminem actually made dope music. For real, that first Slim Shady EP (before Dre) and the Bad Meets Evil project were dope as hell to me. The end of this video features Royce Da 5'9 before he had the falling out with Eminem. Ah, the good old days.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rap Treats #70: Eminem - Fuckin' Backstabber/Soul Intent (1995)

I can't even begin to take credit for having this or even hearing it until I saw it up on Bust The Facts (I'm assuming this is before his Infinite LP) but I'm glad I took the time to listen to it because it reminded me of how dope Eminem really is as an emcee.


1. Fuckin' Backstabber (skit)
2. Fuckin' Backstabber
3. Biterphobia

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rap Treats #69: Dr. Dre - Mix Tapes (1985-1989)

Here are a bunch of Rap Treats from the motherfuckin' Dr. Dre. They are the mix tapes that Dre did from 1985 to 1989 including the 5 tapes he did for the Rodium Swap Meet. We actually posted a few of these before, but I figured all the tapes on one post makes more sense. These tapes are dope. Every song on them is big and Dre went off on the mix. It sounds like he used an 8 track because most of these, especially the Rodium tapes, are the definition of a megamix. On top of that, Dre also jumps on the mic and gets Eazy-E and Ice Cube to rock some intros. The crazy thing to me is that Dre's career was in full effect when he was making these (first with the World Class Wrecking Crew and then with N.W.A.). It's dope to me that Dre still has the itch to put out mix tapes when N.W.A. was changing the rap game and getting the feds excited. Remember, these are Mix Tapes. Which means they were recorded off cassette tapes so embrace the hiss and take them for what they are - a slice of history.

Dr. Dre - Swap Meet Mix (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 1)

Dr. Dre - Criminal (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 2)

Dr. Dre - Dope Beat (1987)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 3)

Dr. Dre - U Got Ganked (1988)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 4)

Dr. Dre & Tony-A "The Wizard" - Jam (Jack Move) (1989)
(The Rodium Mix Tape Vol. 5)

Dr. Dre - '85 Live! (1985)

Dr. Dre - '86 In The Mix! (1986)

Dr. Dre - Goin' Off (1987)

Dr. Dre - Panic Zone (1987)

Dr. Dre - In Effect (1988)

Dr. Dre & Tony-A "The Wizard" - '88 Boom n Bass (1988)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stevie Wonder Tributes Michael Jackson

From one legend to another.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Wire (with a laugh track)

Ah, we miss this fucking show huh.
This is quite hilarious.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Classic Material: James Brown Live

Very random but very necessary. The Godfather of Soul. Above is an in-fucking-credible performance of the B Boy anthem "Give It Up Turn It Loose" guaranteed to make your day. Below is a short clip of James Brown giving his blessing and words of advice to the "rappers" who sample him.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rap Treats #68: Marley Marl's In Control + BDK WBLS Promo

This is a Rap Treat for two reasons. The first is the news that Hot Chillin' is releasing a DVD full of footage from Marley Marl's legendary In Control Mixshow on WBLS (the radio show he named his In Control Juice Crew compilations after). In the late 80's there was no Hot 97's or Power 106's where Hip-Hop was on the radio all day so shows like In Control were one of the few places you could here all the newest and freshest shit. If you aren't familiar I included a show from 1989 featuring Pete Rock on the tables. The second reason this is a Rap Treat is the promo that Big Daddy Kane did for Marley Marl and WBLS back in '88. It's been floating around Blogland for a while but for some reason I just heard it and wanted to add it to the archives. This one is strictly for my old school Hip-Hop heads.

Marley Marl In Control w/ DJ Pete Rock

Big Daddy Kane

Records: El Michels Affair - "C.R.E.A.M." 7"

This shit is pretty fresh. If you're not up on El Michels Affair, they are a Brooklyn funk band (and sometimes Wu-Tang's backing band) who put out the "C.R.E.A.M." b/w "Glaciers Of Ice" 7inch a few years back. They basically take Wu-Tang tracks and give them the live instrumental funk treatment. FatBeats just released their Enter The 37th Chamber LP where they reinterperate a grip of Wu-Tang classics. Here is the the "C.R.E.A.M." 7inch as well as a recording of Wu-Tang and El Michels Affair performing "Criminology". WU-TANG!

El Michels Affair
(Truth & Soul Records)

A1 - "C.R.E.A.M."
B1 - "Glaciers Of Ice"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vinyl People

This is about people who REALLY like records. I belong to this group, although not as much as the dudes in this video do. These are actually the people who REALLY REALLY like records.

"A portrait of Vinyl collectors and producers and aficionados. From the owner of a Charlie Parker album worth 10,000 who believes in playing it and prefers mono to stereo to the producers at Norton Records where rock musicians who had fallen off the charts are restored to vinyl to be heard again. To that add the proprietor of Fynl Vinyl, straight out of a Nick Hornsby novel and a homemade Gramophone brought by it's owner and maker to Washington Square Park every Sunday to play a collection of 78's."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CD Turntable

I want one of these bitches!

"Pete Verrando in an audio engineer who has 20 years of experience in Production Sound Recording for film and television. He works all over the world doing on-location recording.

Pete has built something that is part innovative, part steampunk and part crazy-geek-inventor-guy. It’s something I’ve often tossed around in my mind, but he has taken things one step further and has actually built one: A CD turntable.

Actually, he’s built four of them. They look just like regular turntables, with a rotating disc and a tonearm, but they don’t play vinyl records, they play CD’s."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rap Treats #67: Unreleased Eric B & Rakim (1996)

Personally ripped by me for you. This bootleg came out in 1996 and features Rakim's best unreleased material. It all sounds like it was supposed to be on the Don't Sweat the Technique album (which is rumoured to have been co-produced by Large Professor, can anybody corroborate that?) My cut on here is "Hypnotic", straight b boy badness but the whole record is > all rap 2001-present.

Also, I saw Biz Markie pick this up at BASSIX (r.i.p.) record store back when Biz first came to Vancouver in 1996.


Eric B & Rakim

A1 - Everything's Cool
A2 - Hypnotic
A3 - You Don't Fool Me
B1 - Don't Sweat the Technique (Original Version)
B2 - Complicatem (Pass The Hand Grenade Pt2)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rap Treats #66: Jay-Z on Tim Westwood (1996)

This is a recording of Hov on Tim Westwoods's Radio 1 Rap Show from April 1996. This is a hungry Jay-Z making the interview rounds for his Reasonable Doubt album when he is fresh in this rap game (as opposed to the 14 year seasoned vet in the photo above). It was also a "New York Rap Exchange" thing that Westwood did on his show so Funkmaster Flex is on the tables. Vintage radio shit here.

Tim Westwood Radio 1 Rap Show

Clyde Stubblefield vs. Marley Marl

This is crazy! The legend Clyde Stubblefield (aka the drummer on James Brown's "Funky Drummer") being interviewed by the legend Marley Marl. Class is in session.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Daddy Kane Story (Full Documentary)

Big Daddy Kane is THE shit. This is worth every minute of your time.
16 of them to be exact.

Friday, March 13, 2009

D-Nice's True Hip-Hop Stories - Sadat X

D-Nice puts together another dope segment that needs to be seen and heard. Sadat X talks about the making of "Punks Jump Up", respecting the new school and incarceration.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Records: BIGGIE SMALLS - Ready To Die 12"s

To cap off B.I.G. day it's only right to hit you with the Ready To Die 12"s. There isn't much more that can be said about Christopher Wallace that hasn't been said already. He's one of the best to ever do it. Hip-Hop hasn't been the same since March 9th, 1997.


(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Juicy" (Dirty Mix)
A2 "Unbelievable"
A3 "Juicy" (Remix)
B1 "Juicy" (Instrumental)
B2 "Juicy" (Remix Instrumental)
B3 "Unbelievable" (Instrumental)

"Juicy" produced by Poke (Trackmasterz) and Puff Daddy
"Juicy" (Remix) produced by Pete Rock
"Unbelievable" produced by DJ Premier

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Big Poppa" (Club Mix)
A2 "Warning" (Club Mix)
A3 "Big Poppa" (Instrumental)
B1 "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit)
B2 "Warning" (Radio Edit)
B3 "Warning" (Instrumental)

"Big Poppa" produced by Carl "Chucky" Thompson & Puff Daddy
"Warning" produced by Easy Mo Bee

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Radio Edit)
A2 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Mix)
A3 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Radio Edit 2)
A4 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Instrumental)
B1 "One More Chance" (Hip Hop Radio Edit)
B2 "The What" feat. Method Man (Radio Edit)
B3 "One More Chance / Stay With Me" (Instrumental)

"One More Chance" produced by Rashad Smith & Puff Daddy
"The What" produced by Easy Mo Bee

(Bad Boy Records)

A1 "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit)
A2 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Radio Edit)
A3 "Who Shot Ya?" (Radio Edit)
A4 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Instrumental)
B1 "Big Poppa" (Club Mix)
B2 "Big Poppa" (Remix) (Club Mix)
B3 "Who Shot Ya?" (Club Mix)
B4 "Who Shot Ya?" (Instrumental)

"Big Poppa" produced by Chucky Thompson& Puff Daddy
"Big Poppa" (Remix) produced by Jermaine Dupri & Manuel Seal
"Who Shot Ya?" produced by Nashiem Myrick & Puff Daddy

This isn't rare but it's dope as hell. This is Biggie freestyling in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn at the age of 17. I think (actually more guessing) that this is the battle scene that they tried recreating in the movie Notorious.

Rap Treats #65: Bad Boy Mixtapes Vol. 1-4 (1995/96)

These are Volumes 1-4 of the Bad Boy mix tapes that came out in the mid 90's. This was the era when mixtapes were actually mixed on cassette tapes (I still can't use the term "Mix CD"). Before the internet was poppin, this was the place to get exclusive freestyles and all the newest Bad Boy records from BIGGIE, Craig Mack, The Lox, 112 and anything Bad Boy. They also had all the hottest records of the day, not just Bad Boy joints. Add to that they are hosted by Puff Daddy and mixed by the hottest DJs in NYC at the time and these are classics tapes.

DJ Clue

DJ Doo Wop

DJ Stretch Armstrong


Classic Material: Biggie Smalls "Party & Bullshit" Video (1993)

Biggie in '93 with a video that isn't quite on the "Hypnotize" budget, but iller still.

Nardwuar vs. T-Pain

Hahaha. These two should have a show together.

Records: BIGGIE SMALLS - "Party & Bullshit" 12"

This is the record that started it all. More to come.

(Uptown Records)

A1 "Party And Bullshit" (Radio)
A2 "Party And Bullshit" (Album)
A3 "Party And Bullshit" (Instrumental)
B1 "Party And Bullshit" (Club Dirty)
B2 "Party And Bullshit" (Dirty Instrumental)

Produced by Easy Moe Bee