Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rap Treats #2: Cold Chillin' UK Tour (1988)

Biz Markie. Big Daddy Kane. Kool G. Rap. MC Shan. Juice Crew DJs (Mister C, DJ Polo & Marley Marl). Live at the Brixton Academy in 1988. Recorded off Tim Westwood's Capitol Rap Show on Capitol Radio 95.8fm. Geah.

Cold Chillin UK Tour 1988

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nardwuar vs. James Brown

Nardwuar interviews Mr. Dynamite... Soul Brother Number One... The Godfather of Funk... The Hardest Working Man in Show Business... James Brown!

Hip-Hop 45's Poster

Records are WAY cooler than mp3's and 45's are even cooler, but posters with record labels from 45's on them are the coolest. You can find it over at

Rap Treats #1: RUN DMC Live @ The Apollo (1987)

RUN DMC are without a doubt the Greatest Hip-Hop Group Of All Time. That's an official title. This is a recording of the legendary group performing live at one of the most legendary venues in the history of music. This is the whole concert AND the sound quality is bad... not bad meaning bad but bad meaning GOOD! JMJ RIP.

Run DMC Live @ The Apollo

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jay-Z - Classic Gangster (thoseMFs Remixes)

Hov is an 80's baby. Fat gold chains, 4 finger rings and cameo fades. This is the album Sean Carter would have made if he dropped in the late '80's. Beats by Ice-T, BDP, The DOC, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick, Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, Too $hort, D-Nice, Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim and NWA. Raps by Jay-Z. Classic, gangster.


1. "Intro" (Ice-T)
2. "Pray" (Boogie Down Production)
3. "American Dreamin'" (The D.O.C.)
4. "Hello Brooklyn 3.0" feat. Lil' Wayne (Big Daddy Kane)
5. "No Hook" (Kool G. Rap)
6. "Rock Boys" (Public Enemy)
7. "Sweet" (A Tribe Called Quest)
8. "I Know" (Slick Rick)
9. "Party Life" (Beastie Boys)
10. "Ignorant Shit" feat. Beenie Sigel (Eazy-E)
11. "Say Hello" (Too Short)
12. "Success" feat. Nas (D-Nice)
13. "Fallin'" (Run DMC)
14. "Blue Magic" (Eric B & Rakim)
15. "American Gangster" (N.W.A.)

Bonus Classic Gangster:
These are the versions of "Ignorant Shit" that didn't make the cut. Also, a pre Classic Gangster classic Hov remix that is on the same shit.