Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jay-Z - Classic Gangster (thoseMFs Remixes)

Hov is an 80's baby. Fat gold chains, 4 finger rings and cameo fades. This is the album Sean Carter would have made if he dropped in the late '80's. Beats by Ice-T, BDP, The DOC, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick, Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, Too $hort, D-Nice, Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim and NWA. Raps by Jay-Z. Classic, gangster.


1. "Intro" (Ice-T)
2. "Pray" (Boogie Down Production)
3. "American Dreamin'" (The D.O.C.)
4. "Hello Brooklyn 3.0" feat. Lil' Wayne (Big Daddy Kane)
5. "No Hook" (Kool G. Rap)
6. "Rock Boys" (Public Enemy)
7. "Sweet" (A Tribe Called Quest)
8. "I Know" (Slick Rick)
9. "Party Life" (Beastie Boys)
10. "Ignorant Shit" feat. Beenie Sigel (Eazy-E)
11. "Say Hello" (Too Short)
12. "Success" feat. Nas (D-Nice)
13. "Fallin'" (Run DMC)
14. "Blue Magic" (Eric B & Rakim)
15. "American Gangster" (N.W.A.)

Bonus Classic Gangster:
These are the versions of "Ignorant Shit" that didn't make the cut. Also, a pre Classic Gangster classic Hov remix that is on the same shit.