Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rap Treats #10: J Dilla - Jay Stay Paid (Unreleased MCA Album)

Another good day. This is the album that Jay Dee did for MCA that never came out. It's called Pay Jay. I remember hearing that he was doing this album but he wasn't going to produce any of it, he was just gonna rap. Looks like that might have been true.

J Dilla

1. Diamonds (prod. Nottz)
2. We F'ed Up feat. Frank-N-Dank (prod. Kanye West)
3. F**K The Police (prod. J Dilla)
4. Remember feat. Bilal (prod. Pete Rock)
5. Fight Club feat. Nottz & Boogieman (prod. Waajeed)
6. Creepin' On You (producer unknown)
7. Trucks (producer unknown)
8. No One Knows (prod. Supa Dave West)
9. Drive Me Wild (prod. ?uestlove & Kareem Riggins)
10. Unknown Track (prod. Bink Dawg)
11. Remember Remix feat. Bilal (producer unknown)