Sunday, August 10, 2008

Commercial Rap: Swatch, KFC, McDonalds, Karl Kani, Reebok, Eastern Motors

Fat Boys Swatch Ad (circa 1985)
I'd never seen this one. As corny as rap commercials come, but dope still for some reason.

MC Hammer KFC Ad (1992)
This one is just embarrassing.

The Rappin' McNuggets
Equally embarrassing, this brings back memories. Rap music getting exploited at it's worst.

Redman Karl Kani Ad (1995)
This is a good one, everything Redman did (except that sitcom) is dope in my books.

50 Cent & Jay-Z Reebok Ad (2004)

Curtis and Hov rapping in a studio about their sneakers.

Fat Joe Eastern Motors Ad (2006)
Hahaha. Fat Joe slanging cars. Check how Joe came up with the chorus for "Make It Rain".