Sunday, July 6, 2008

Records: Main Source - Breaking Atoms 12"s + 2 More

Another batch 12"s that all have the GREATEST 12 INCHES OF ALL TIME status. It's too bad that Large Professor split with Sir Scratch and Kid Kut before they could release a follow up to the classic Breaking Atoms album, but the trio left a bunch of classic records behind them. Their first release on Wild Pitch has what makes a 12 inch great - a classic on both sides A & B. "Looking At The Front Door" and "Watch Roger Do His Thing" were both released as singles and there are videos made for both songs (click on the song titles). These are really all the Main Source 12"s that matter. Sorry Mikey D, but Main Source with you as the rapper FUCKING SUCKED. For real, that should never have happened. I also included "Fakin' The Funk" record which came out after their album, and the "Think"/"Atom" record which was their debut. It doesn't get any better than this.

Main Source

"Looking At The Front Door" b/w

"Watch Roger Do His Thing" (1990)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Looking At The Front Door" (Vocal)

A2 "Looking At The Front Door" (Instrumental)

B1 "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (Vocal)

B2 "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (Instrumental)

Main Source

"Just Hangin' Out" b/w

"Live At The BBQ" feat. Nasty Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal (1991)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Just Hangin' Out" (Our Hood)

A2 "Just Hangin' Out" (Your Hood)

A3 "Just Hangin' Out" (Instrumental)

B1 "Live At The BBQ" (The Original Cookout)

B2 "Live At The BBQ" (Refried Barbeque)

B3 "Live At The BBQ" (Instrumental)

Main Source

"Peace Is Not The Word To Play" 12 Inch (1991)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Remix)

A2 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (LP Version)

B1 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Video Remix)

B2 "Peace Is Not The Word To Play" (Instrumental)

BONUS Main Source:

Main Source

"Fakin' The Funk" (1992)

(Wild Pitch Records)

A1 "Fakin' The Funk"

A2 "Fakin' The Funk" (Remix)

B1 "Fakin' The Funk" (Instrumental)

B2 "Fakin' The Funk" (Remix feat. Neek The Exotic)

Main Source

"Think" b/w "Atom" (1989)

(Actual Records)

A1 "Think" (Vocal)

A2 "Think" (Instrumental)

B1 "Atom" (Vocal)

B2 "Atom" (instrumental)

BONUS BONUS Main Source:

Main Source performing "Atom" on Muchmusic's Electric Circus. This footage is so old that Large Pro was a 16 year old rockin' a high top fade and one of the dancers had on a polka dot shirt on. This is both dope and rare as hell. Shouts to MOD once again for the hook up and big up a young DJ Starting From Scratch in the crowd!