Sunday, July 27, 2008

Records: Jay-Z - The Reasonable Doubt 12"

Remember the good old days? When Jay, Dame and Biggs were the best of friends setting out to conquer the rap world. Reasonable Doubt is just one of those albums that not only will go down as a classic, but captures the beginning of an era. Instead of a Jay-Z GREATEST 12 INCH OF ALL TIME post it only seemed right to lace you with every 12 inch from this album. Each 12 inch is classic material anyways so it makes sense. As a bonus, I also threw in the "In My Lifetime" 12inch which is Jay-Z's first solo single that came out on Pay Day Records. This was before Roc-A-Fella and before Def Jam. Click HERE if you want the High Potent 12 inch that was Jay's debut on wax back in 1986!


A1. Dirty Version
A2. Clean Version
A3. TV Track
B1. Very Clean Version
B2. Mixshow Clean Version
B3. TV Track

A1-A3 Produced by Ski
B1-B3 Produced by Big Jaz

Jay-Z feat. Mary J Blige

A1. Fool's Paradise Remix
B1. Fool's Paradise Remix Instrumental
B2. LP Version

A1, B1 produced by Irv Gotti
B2 produced by Knowbody

Jay-Z feat. Biggie

A1. Album Version
A2. Instrumental
B2. Clean Version

Produced by DJ Clark Kent


A1. Video Version
A2. TV Track
B1. LP Version
B2. Dirty

Produced by Ski


A1. Original Ski Radio Version
A2. Original Ski Street Version
A3. Skistrumental
B1. Big Jaz Radio Remix
B2. Big Jazmental Remix
B3. DJ Clark Kent Version

A1-A3 Produced by Ski
B1, B2 Produced by Big Jaz
B4 Produced by DJ Clark Kent