Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beastie Boys' Rolling Stone Interviews On MCA

It's been almost 2 weeks since MCA's passing and Mike D and Ad Rock have broken their silence regarding their friend and bandmate. Both of them spoke to Rolling Stone about MCA, his role with the band, the Beastie Boys last recording session, and what kind of a person Adam Yauch was.

Ad Rock - "Yauch was in charge. He was smarter, more organized. In a group of friends, you all come up with stupid shit to do. But you never do it. With Yauch, it got done. He had that extra drive to see things through. We each had our roles. One of his was the make-it-happen person."

Read the whole Ad Rock interview HERE

Mike D - "We were playing around with this 808 drum machine. We had this beat, and Yauch said, "I'd like to hear what it would sound like backwards." Run from Run-D.M.C. was there, and he was like, "Man, this is crazy." But Yauch recorded this beat, bounced it to another tape, flipped it around – this is pre-digital sampling – and bounced it back to the multi-track tape. The reversed beat basically became "Paul Revere." Yauch saw this thing we couldn't see – and he killed it."

Read the whole Mike D interview HERE