Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Classic Material: N.W.A. - Live in Concert (Video)

N.W.A. is on my list of artists that I'd give anything to have seen live, but due to all kinds of reasons that will never happen. A few years back we posted the audio of this show as Rap Treat #54, but this is a dvd rip of the Houston, Texas concert which means the audio came straight from the mixing board and is professionally shot and edited (at least to 1989 standards anyways). Unlike many artists from the late '80's N.W.A. was not known for their live show, but this concert does not disappoint. They have a dope stage set, their show is put together tight, they have mad hits to rock, and they have a couple dancers! I didn't really see that coming but then again having a couple of fly girls dancing on stage works for them. This is easily worth 25 minutes of your life, especially if you were never lucky enough to witness The World's Most Dangerous Band in concert before Ice Cube left and Eazy passed away.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.